FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

The transition from high school into college did not go as easy as I anticipated. Starting class from the summer I was forced to wake up out of my bed at 6 every morning from Monday-Thursday to reach class 8:30 am sharp. I struggled. From having to actually come in and construct a schedule made it clear to me that these four years of my life will be the most stressful year I have ever went through. The first day of college was hectic. Luckily I had an idea of the layout of the Namm Building. Looking at my schedule for the 100th time in one day I was excited to see I only had one class schedule that day. The trick was how to find it. The second day of school comes and I am confused to find out that my classes weren’t going to be in the same building. What? Exactly. In high school we never had to leave the campus for anything! To make matters worse I had completely no idea where the Voheers building was located or how to even get there. It took about 20 minutes with a couple of searches on google maps. Finally, I arrived, the building looked great on the outside and the lobby was so modern looking. The desk was to the side and there were turnstiles to swipe out ID cards. The mature look of the lobby made me a little excited about class but that excitement immediately died out when I had completely no idea where my classroom was. 315 I kept repeating in my head when I got off the elevator. To be completely honest, I circled that floor at least three times before I actually found it and had 15 minutes to spare. Class went great. Besides that there weren’t any windows. It was calm and short and we even had a choice if we wanted to leave early or not. So far college was going smooth, until the second week came in and there were assignments being thrown at me from left to right. I have no idea how I will ever keep up. My first two weeks of college were very confusing. Although it wasn’t all bad I made a couple new friends and tried a few new things but I cannot wait until the day I complete this chapter of my life.