FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

Transitioning from high school to college can be a mix of emotions because you don’t know what to expect but then again you’ve heard other peoples experiences. You come in to college with high hopes of passing all your classes and just having a successful yet great experience starting college as a freshman. All of these can be possible but not everybody’s experience will be the same or as easy to get into the hang of things as the next person.

Personally my first semester starting college wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. One thing that i could personally say that really threw me off was being in such a huge environment with so much people running and  bumping into each other just trying to get to their various places. I vividly remember my first day i came to class late that and to top it off i got lost finding my class. So i get into the class and close the door behind me while everybody else is sitting down the professor loudly asked ”what’s your name” and i replied back with a low voice and she repeated her question again so i had to speak up as i walked to find a seat, I felt so embarrassed because in my mind I thought everybody and even the professor might even think okay she’s going to be that one late student that always come’s to class. So after class ends the professor specifically comes up to me and tells me its okay that I’m late today but for future reference two lateness’s is equal to one absence. After i was told this i just stayed on my toes even though it was a harsh welcoming to college i find experiences like that grateful just to keep me aware of things and not to get comfortable.But as weeks went by i found an encouraging and hardworking group of people to associate myself with that i know are somewhat just like me just looking forward to succeed in college.