FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

My first couple of weeks in college has definitely been overwhelming. This is a new environment for me so it’s been hard to adjust. As far as the professors, most have been helping me where the help is needed. One thing I love about the professors is they are usually very responsive to emails. I get off track sometimes due to the fact that I have work from literally every class. The lectures do sometimes get very tiring. Imagine sitting at a computer while someone speaks, and you have to take notes. This week has been tough especially due to this new remote learning. Learning through a screen at home can be very hard to do.I don’t feel connected to anyone in the class. Even the professor. Another thing that has been frustrating is the financial aid business. Every week they want a new document, then it doesn’t get processed until 4-6 weeks after it has been uploaded. These past weeks have been a lot of introduction during class. In my Psych class, we learned about the history of psychology. We also had to identify the age of a child using a drawing that the child made. Surprisingly, most of my peers were spot on! I couldn’t believe it.I have learned to be on top of my work. To not let it pile up on me. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete an assignment. Set alarms for meetings!Mark your calendar for due dates! Wake up at least 10 mins before class to get yourself completely up. Pay attention in class because you will have work on it later on. I’m still getting used to some things like blackboard, and zoom. Although zoom is okay, blackboard can sometimes get confusing. The connection is poor and sometimes would log you out of the call. Lastly, I hope to have a wonderful semester!