FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

I’ve always assumed that college was going to be this big stressful ball of work. A lot of essays, homework, and assignments in general. So far I haven’t had as many essays or anything, luckily. But I have learned some things about college extremely expeditiously.
My transition from high school to college was like going to the Dentist. You never really want to go, but you know that you have to.  My senior year was cut off pretty short due to circumstances also known as Covid. In result, me and many other students had to join remote learning. This brung many mixed emotions. I went from being very excited about going into a new campus, to distressed about learning at home on my computer. The truth is I never imagined that I would be starting college… taking online courses.

So far this is my third week being an online college freshman. And yes, it’s just as frustrating as you would think. I have class every day and my schedule is sporadic. I’ve learned that you should do your work in a trustworthy source, because if you don’t save it it will might just get deleted. The assignments so far hasn’t been that bad but I also had to learn to keep up with my work. Unlike high school the teachers don’t catch you up on missing work. You basically have to pay attention and track your own stuff. That’s where organization comes in.
High school is very different from college but, you have more freedom and I genuinely appreciate that. If it wasn’t for the epidemic my review probably would have been better but for now I give this experience a four out of 10!
Hopefully your experience was better than mine!