FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

I knew my transition from high school to college would be difficult but not this difficult. Especially with COVID being around it’s makes it so much more harder to do certain things. I had little to no help which makes it very stressful and confusing for me. I had a college advisor but since i left high school it’s been hard to keep in contact with her so I’m basically trying to figure it out as I go. It’s definitely not what i expected my first year of college to be.
I thought my first year of college was going to be a memorable moment and it certainly is. I never imagined myself going to college online , this will be a interesting experience for me. I wasn’t really excited to start college and now being that is online makes it even worse. I wanted to get the chance to experience finding my class on the first day possibly getting lost and meeting new people because it’s not the same online.
This has been my third week of classes online and so far it’s been an eye opener. The assignments haven’t been that bad but it’s not exactly what I’m used to. It’s very different from high school like you have to pay attention to the assignments given and keep track of my work because nobody else will. Teachers will not chase you to let you know what your missing. I know that overtime I will use to a lot of these things and it will be easier. Overall I really dislike my college experience as of right now but I have a really good friend that is helping As much as she can while she is attending college. It’s a working process which i believe will get better overtime and hopefully it does.