FYLC – First Year Learning Communities

This doc highlights examples of different types of assignments that City Tech faculty use on the OpenLab to facilitate community-building in both teaching and learning. We encourage you to peruse these links for inspiration as you continuing developing your FYLC courses and, as always, please let the OpenLab team know how we can support you!




    • Check-in assignments



    • Semester-long assignments
      • Jody Rosen’s glossary: Glossary Assignment and Student Work
      • Jill Belli’s meeting-notes assignment (Fall 2017: Introduction to Literature: Fiction): students take notes throughout the semester for class (so there is a record of what we did, even though students take their own notes) & People’s Choice Assignment (Fall 2017: Introduction to Literature: Fiction): brings student blogs into dialogue with one another (peer to peer engagement, motivation/recognition), student generated content becomes part of the required class reading
      • Karen Goodlad’s “36 Hours…” assignment, based on the New York Times column with the same name, asks students to highlight features around Brooklyn using informative, detailed language and practice writing in a specific genre
      • The Fall 2018 Learning Places’ course asked students to think throughout the semester about their experiences in NYC and connect them to their semester long research on the Barclay Center. The culminating final project was to create an OpenLab Project site with a link to student-made podcast on a research topic related to Barclay center, as well as pages containing an annotated bibliography used for the research, and an outline.




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