FYLC – Biology & Composition, FA2016


A way to interact with a text, making sure we understand what’s happening.



  •  Understand the text. Know what the purpose is.
  •  Track changes or progression. What changes direction of conversation?
  • Identify areas of interest or concern. What we do know or don’t know: a word, a reference, a topic we need to know more about.


Ways to annotate:

1. Circle or underline or highlight:


  •  main ideas
  • character/people names
  • vocabulary words
  • important ideas or events


2.  Circles, squiggly lines, boxes, etc.


3.  Notes in margin:

  • React – surprised, confused, happy, said? emojis, exclamation marks or question marks.
  • Locate important passages – bracket it so you can find it again.
  • Note – “Author wants us to know X, Y, Z.” Just so you can easily find that quote or passage.
  • Margin Madness – figuring out how you feel about what author said (can use Post-Its)
  • Make a connection
  • Track themes or character changes
  • Ask questions: why doesn’t he do X?
  • Give an opinion






Kate Cranfill YouTube: https://youtu.be/JZXgr7_3Kw4


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