”For Adobe, the Future is in the Past”

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"For Adobe, the Future is in the Past"
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This article, by Nick Bilton, is about Adobes future plans of breaking away from the traditional mouse and keyboard techniques they have been using to operate their products since the creation of the company. He talks about the drafting table Adobe will be releasing, that lets you operate photoshop on a touch screen, and draw using your fingers. Bilton also mentions a few other things that Adobe plans to be releasing in the future, such as some apps available for use on smart phones and tablets. Perhaps their biggest upcoming product, is Photoshop Touch. “Photoshop Touch allows people to draw, paint and manipulate designs and images. The application goes beyond desktop software, too, by allowing people to share their work on Facebook and by taking advantage of a tablet’s camera to pull photos directly into the software.” He closes the article by saying that computers haven’t been forgotten, what with all the tablets and smart phones and such, and they will still be used for creativity, but now they will work alongside these other devices and creations, to offer an even bigger playing field.


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