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  • Classwork and HW #1
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    A. Name three things that you learned in the presentation.

    Censorship regarding religious icons was so heavy that Jesus Christ had to be substituted for judas priest. It’s understandable that people were far more religious or rather put conservative, but such a phrase that is widely used now being considered too harsh for movies is interesting.

    2: With the digital era in moving making, its easily thought of that effects are mainly done through computers. Sometimes forgetting that it could take a little more effort than that as in the Forest Gump scene where we see lieutenant Dan after losing his legs, in order to make this scene realistic, they have a whole for his legs to go into and added wrinkles to his stumps along with the bed sheets moving.

    3: A movie could be so ill received that a 30 year ban could be even justified. Not only in one country but among more. Referencing the film Freaks.

    B. Name at least one thing you liked in the presentation.

    I liked the intro where all the older movies were played in order to show the contrast to modern movies. Especially with phrases used from back then to now.

    C. Ask at least one question about the content of the presentation.

    Does a blue screen actually work just as good as a green screen?

    Homework for our next class
    A) By next Friday, Sept. 4, please know the answers to the following
    literary terms:
    1a) Define “metaphor” or “simile,” which are slightly different. Choose
    A simile is comparing two unlike things using “like” or “as”.

    b) Provide an example:
    They fought like cats and dogs.

    2a) Define “alliteration”
    Alliteration is the using the same letter or sound after a word.

    b) Provide an example:
    Sheep should sleep in a shed.

    3a) Define “personification”
    Personification is when you give an inanimate object human characteristics or traits.

    Provide an example:
    My alarm clock yells at me to get out of bed every morning.

    4a) Define parallelism or parallel wording in writing
    Parallelism is when two or more phrases have the same grammatical structure.
    b)provide an example
    He likes television shows that have deep characters, interesting stories, and good actors.

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