Films from Literature ENG 2400

Document 3 Classwork for Sept. 4
Please follow this sequence. These tasks should take approximately 2.5 hours altogether.

1. Go to the Sept. 4 classwork in the Discussion board about literary language and spend about 20 minutes identifying the literary devices in the exerpt from Lolita provided in Discussion post called “Sept. 4 classwork: Look for “literary” devices in this Lolita excerpt” and duplicated in the Docs folder as Document 2 Classwork for Sept. 4 (what you are reading now is Document 3).

2. Then watch the presentation “Lo comparisons reedit.avi”’s%20class%20presentaions?preview=Lo+comparisons+reedit.avi

3. After watching, write down your reactions to the following:

a. Which version, the first in black & white or the second in color seems closer to the novel?

b. What are your opinions of the actors playing Humbert, Charlotte, Lolita, and Quilty?
Are they as you pictured them as you began the book?

(Please note: the young actresses playing Lolita were reportedly both 14 at the time of filming though one looks older though the character is supposed to be younger. Also note that the 1962 version reflects the cars, clothing, and hairstyles of when it was filmed, while the 1998 version is made to look like the authentic time of the novel – the late 1948 to 1953.)

c. Why do you think a blonde actress was cast as Lolita, whose hair color is different in the novel?

4. What did you notice about the two different versions of Louise, the maid?

5. What differences in tone do you sense in these two films? Why do you think the 1962 version has more humor?

6. Next, please watch the presentation called “Cinema If20.avi.”’s%20class%20presentaions?preview=Cinema+I+f20.avi

7. Then, as you did last week, please answer the following

a. Name three different things you feel you learned.

b. Mention something you liked about the presentation.

c. Ask at least one question that now comes to mind about this presentation.

Enjoy the videos…