Films from Literature ENG 2400, Fall 2021 OL 0550

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  • 9/17 Sexual Symbolism video questions
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    Steven Mendez

    1) Prior to this video, can you remember watching any movie in which you sensed there was something being used as a sexual symbol? Please name the film and the object(s).

    I remember this Spongebob episode where Spongebob was in his living room going through channels on the tv and he came acorss this channel where his eyes opened up and he got closer to the tv. On the channel it was like a plant in the ocean moving side to side and when his pet snail Gary came in he screamed, “Gary” and quickly changed the channel and acted nervous.

    1a) Do you think writers also use such symbolism or is it for films because they are a visual medium?

    Yes tey use such symbloism because they wanna produce an impact

    2) Do you think that all such symbols are deliberate, or might there be times when a viewer can somehow see some extra meaning that was not intended by the filmmaker?

    Yes of course but sometimes people have different perspectives due to age differences or not experiencing something. Also sometimes social media could make something it is that is not

    Please name a film and an object that might qualify as unintended symbolism and it certainly may be something
    from the video we watched. I once watched a film in a theater and there was an accidental shadow on screen of a microphone that looked almost obscene and caused unintentional laughs.

    In my opinion Tom & Jerry, mostly because it has alot of scenes that when I saw it was just funny, now going back to those episodes as I’m older I look at it and say woah they had some scenes that were quite sexual but at the same time funny.

    3) Why do you think filmmakers may use sexual symbols?

    To make the audience get into the movie and create a impact and also it can create comedy.

    4) Was there any scene in the video compilation that you enjoyed or disliked? Please explain

    Yes in the magic mike scene which is one of the movies I enjoyed myself they use the erected umbrellas to mostly entertain the female audience that was watching.

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