Films from Literature ENG 2400, Fall 2021 OL 0550

TWO WEEKS’ WORK This week and next deal with each one of the two plays that you were notified about, and their full reading are among your eight stories.
You should have read one by now. The assignments below, marked A and B may be done in either order (A) this time then (B) next time, or vice versa.

A: 1) After reading Romeo and Juliet, please read the prompt for essay so you know what to focus
on. There is no quiz on this reading!

2) If you did not yet look at the presentation showing different versions of Romeo and Juliet films, here is that link (not the film itself):

3) Then watch the film. By the time you read this dropbox will have sent you the link, and here is another way (FULL 1968 FILM):

(Then you might wish to write a rough draft of essay 3 which includes BOTH PLAYS AND BOTH FILMS – A and B while it is still fresh in your mind)

B: 1) After reading A Streetcar Named Desire, please read the same prompt for essay 3 so you know what is expected of you with this story.

2) Then request the quiz on the play via an email to me. Remember: there is no quiz on Romeo and Juliet, only one on A Streetcar Named Desire.

3) Next, please watch this 18-minute presentation of facts and trivia about the1951 film, including scenes that were censored:

4) Then you should see the full film:

Right now there are no new Discussion posting since you have so much to do.