Films from Literature ENG 2400, Fall 2021 OL 0550


1. ACCORDINGLY                                                15. INSTEAD
2. ACTUALLY                                                   16. LIKEWISE
3. AGAIN                                                      17. MEANWHILE
4. ALSO                                                       18. MOREOVER
5. BESIDES                                                    19. NEVERTHELESS
6. CONSEQUENTLY                                             20. NEXT
7. ESSENTIALLY                                                21. NONETHELESS
8. FINALLY                                                    22. OTHERWISE
9. FIRST (SECOND, THIRD, etc.)                       23. SIMILARLY
10. FURTHERMORE                                              24. STILL
11. HENCE                                                     25. SUBSEQUENTLY
12. HENCEFORTH                                                26. THEN
13. HOWEVER                                                   27. THEREFORE
14. INDEED                                                    28. THUS


1. AS A MATTER OF FACT                                        12. IN OTHER WORDS
2. AS A RESULT                                                13. IN SUMMARY
3. FOR EXAMPLE                                                14. IN THE FIRST PLACE(SECOND, etc.)
5. IN ADDITION                                                15. IN THE MEANTIME
6. IN ANY EVENT                                               16. IN THE SAME WAY
7. IN BRIEF                                                   17. ON THE CONTRARY
8. IN CONCLUSION                                              18. ON THE ONE HAND
9. IN EFFECT                                                  19. ON THE OTHER HAND
10. IN ESSENCE                                                20. ON THE WHOLE
11. IN FACT                                                   21. TO BEGIN WITH

Remember to use period, semicolons, and commas appropriately
with the following :

1. (between two clauses joined by semicolon):
A Clockwork Orange is a thought-provoking film; however,
it digressed from the novel too much.

‚Äúhowever‚ÄĚ here starts a new clause following the semicolon.

2. (between two separate sentences)
A Clockwork Orange is an intriguing book.  I feel, however, the film is even better.
(Note the use of two commas because the transitional interrupts a sentence.)

3.(between two paragraphs)

Burgess‚Äô novel was way ahead of its time. ‚Üź (consider this
the end of a paragraph)
¶ Furthermore, Kubrick’s depiction of a future culture saturated with sexual images was prescient.

‚ÄúFurthermore‚ÄĚ starts a new sentence or new paragraph.

¶ shows where a new paragraph starts. You do not actually draw the symbol in!

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