Films from Literature ENG 2400, Fall 2021 OL 0550

Here is the link to the 1997 movie:

The essay you are writing has been explained in detail in the document from 9/24.

Here are some new suggestions to make your essays more professional sounding.

Please do not say “They” changed this or “They”did that.  Use words like The filmmakers, The director, The screenwriter.

Do not refer to anyone who is real, an actor, a writer, a director by the first name unless you know them personally.  For these real people, you may use their full names or just their last names:  Nabokov, Stanley Kubrick,  Adrien Lyne, Mason,  Jeremy Irons.

If you name some real person from one of the films, it is only fair and consistent to name his or her counterpart from the other film.  In other words, do not name Sue Lyon and not name Dominique Swain.

I do think it is a good idea to name the actors once using this style:  Humbert (James Mason), Charlotte (Melanie Griffith).  Thereafter, do not name the actors again.  You may use just the first name of the characters–you CAN do that with fictional characters.  So you can say just Charlotte, or Mrs. Haze or Charlotte Haze,

If you take the suggestion from 9/24’s directions to use references like Humbert ’62, PLEASE do not say it repeatedly in the same paragraph.   By doing it once, that takes care of him till you name his counterpart, Humbert ’97.

Please remember to underline or italicize the name of the film and the book.  The name of the girl “Lolita” is just a name, not a title.

Please remember:  this essay is your most difficult assignment for the entire semester.  We have been spending more time on this story than we will with the other seven stories and films.

Remember that you are doing something unusual:  a three-way comparison–the novel and BOTH films.  The essay is due next week, but if you need more time, please just ask.   If you omit the book, your paper is incomplete.    Please feel free to use the app called Grammarly to help you find and correct errors.

I look forward to reading your work.

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