ESOL021 ESL Writing II, SP2016

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ESOL021 ESL Writing II, SP2016
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Spring 2016
Course Description

This is a second-level writing course in our three-level ESL program sequence. It connects reading and writing by asking you to read texts, discuss them, and write papers about them.

Writing Skills
The goal of the course is to help you advance your academic writing competency and to improve your writing skills. We will work on a variety of writing skills and strategies, including writing thesis statements and topic sentences, paraphrasing, summarizing, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing.

Language Learning
In this class you will continue to develop your language proficiency by enhancing your college-level vocabulary, improving your grammar, and developing your ability to use more sophisticated sentence structures.

Reading Skills
The reading in this course will help you grow as a reader, writer, thinker, and citizen. You will read about, discuss, and write about current topics across different genres (types of texts).


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