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Erika Mae Oco's ePortfolio
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Hospitality Management
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Hi! my name is Erika Mae Oco. I’m a student of New York City College of Technology studying within the Hospitality Department, who hopes to become a successful career within the hospitality industry upon receiving earning my bachelor’s degree. My experiences within the hospitality industry are mainly in the front of the house of the restaurants. With my Six years of experience in the restaurant, I learned and developed my customer service skills by working as a cashier, barista, server, bartender, hostess, and runner. I’ve worked in popular chains such as red lobster, The Cheesecake Factory, and Starbucks. While working in these chains, I was always a certified trainer or shift lead/supervisor. Some restaurants such as The Smith and L’adrehave have helped me develop a more fast phase working environment.

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