ENT4900/4901 Internship

I was privileged to intern in the field i enjoy the most in Entertainment. My goal as an Entertainment Technology major is to improve my skills and focus more on the sound and video/photography department.  I started interning at a local church in the Bronx NY “Christ Delight Ministries” as a sound & Media Engineer and a local Media/Photography house “Maxwel Jennings” also located in the Bronx session of New York City.


WEEK : 1  – Meet up with the head personal at the Church  to discuss my task and weekly activities of the church.  I also met up with the supervisor at Jenny’s Media house to review weekly schedule and upcoming events that we would be covering.




Arrived at the church on their Tuesday (Bible Studies) scheduled for 7:30pm – 9:30pm.  I came 2 hours before service time and rearranged the Sound systems (Mixer , speakers, Amps and cables) in order to ensure a good sound flow.

Friday (Prayer Services) 7:30pm – 9:30pm my task was to provide adequate sound and video projector slides for the choristers.

Saturday – Choir meet for practice in preparation for Sunday Service. 5pm – 7pm

Sunday – Switched up equipment for the service and regulated my Gains to boost up the overall energy of the sound coming out from the speakers. 11am – 2:30pm



WEEK 3-4


In addition to my regular weekly intern with my church as a sound engineer, I also covered 2 weddings and 1 birthday celebration with Maxwell Jennys Media house.

Church Hours – Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday = 9.5 HOURS X 2 (weeks)

Video/Photography –  17 HOURS


WEEK 5-6

Provided sound for my Church Annual  thanksgiving Service. Since we were expecting a larger number of people, we needed to improve some gear to help enhance our sound system.  I was given the task to buy a new powered Amp and 2 extra monitor speakers.


WEEK 7-8

Regular weekly schedule with the church – Tuesday, Fridays, Saturdays for Choir rehearsals and Sunday service.

Covered a musical concert recording and taking pictures. My task was to supervise a team of 3 people to successfully transport cameras, tripods, Cables and tools/equipment to the event venue and record a detail coverage of the performances.


WEEK 9-10

I became so accustom to the Yamaha M32 Audio mixer and every day mixing the sound for this church was a new experience for me trying out different effects. The good news is that i have been asked to mobilize the choir together for a live stage recording. This will be one of my major accomplishment :)