English work

Najja Hennix                                                                                                  Feb. 05, 2016

English 1121                                                                                          Professor: Guthrie




Ripe Figs


What is the purpose of writing?

This is a very short story. I is a about a grandmother and her grandchild. I believe the purpose of the story is to compare young and old with nature and time.



Who is the audience?

From reading it personal I believe anyone can read and understand the story. I believe the author, Kate Chopin was writing for young people to remind them to be patience. That sometime as young people we want what we want at that very moment, but sometimes you have to patiently wait for something. Like fruit in nature sometime the more you wait to eat the riper the fruit becomes.



What is the genre of this story?

This story is a short story



What is the author’s stance?

I believe he author’s stance is to entertain and to give advice



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