English work

Najja Hennix                                                                                           March 01, 2016

English 1121                                                                                          Professor: Guthrie



Pair reviews


Opening: Good, she started with a good quote and I really like her comparive of maasterpieces


Thesis: Clear with her three subtopic included


Subtoopic: She strongly decribed he first sub-topic her other two were much weaker


Subtopic Paragraphs: He first subtopic had 5 paragraphs, which is a lot of details, which is great, but did not leave a lot of room for her other two sub topic. She should edit that and evenly divide details.


Transition Terms: There was not much use of transition term but the paper did flow well without them. She still should include one or two


Grammar: He grammar was pretty good not to many mistakes. She did have a few times where her wording was not clear. She needs to fix that.


Conclusion: great conclusion really tied everything together nicely.