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Summary for Ripe Figs

Maman-Nainaine uses the ripening of figs and blooming of chrysanthemums as a means to count the passage of time. Babette checks on the figs throughout summer with an impatience that does not betray her adolescence while Maman-Nainaine waits ever See MoreSummary for Ripe Figs

Summary for It’s Hard Enough Being Me

Summary Of It is hard enough being Me   In the short story It’s Hard Enough Being Me by Anna Lisa Raya the main theme is identity. Another theme in the story is race. The author also shows themes of cultural and judgment. In this short sto See MoreSummary for It’s Hard Enough Being Me

Poem Summary

The poem Slow Dance is about living life to it's fullest.  The poem tell the audience to pay attention to the important things in life.  It show us that life is full of choice.  I really enjoyed this poem. Weatherford illustrates in terms of time See MorePoem Summary