English D323

This short story is about how the author, DeWitt Clinton, explains how unjust the system of education is for countries residing in Europe. The countries in Europe doesn’t provide an education for the poor and only allows the wealthy to rule over the poor. The only sort of people that can afford an education are the ones that are involved in politics. Because the poor doesn’t have much knowledge of handling situations or circumstantial events, the opportunity is presented to a limited amount of people, the wealthy class, to handle the situation. Clinton later goes into details and provides examples of how the United States views education. Clinton explains how 2 states, Connecticut and New York, gives opportunities and doesn’t define class to provide an education for. He used examples of how Connecticut is funded by low taxes and wealthy donations. As for New York, there are grants and money being provided to hundreds of schools to provide a means of an education for all. Clinton views of America may be materialistic but he does have a point about the fact that the United States does indeed provide an education for the less fortunate as well as the wealthy. This idea of “equal opportunity” may not prove all to be true but there are some truths to this idealistic thinking.