English 1121 Journey


  • Start the essay with an amazing quote from another rapper
  • Have a Juicy thesis stating what’s going to be mentioned in the essay
  • Have the 3 sub topics to talk about
  • Gently transition into the first body paragraph by listing the first, second, and third sub topic.

Paragraph One:

  • Explain what the first sub topic is about
  • Include a quote from the rap
  • Relate the rap to real life making the first paragraph powerful
  • Transition into the next paragraph

Paragraph Two:

  • Explain the second topic
  • Include at least 2 quotes
  • Explain what and who biggie is
  • What did he say in the rap that really stands out

Paragraph Three:

  • Explain what change is
  • In the poem
  • In real life
  • Include at least 1 quote
  • Explain what the quote is
  • Why was it chosen
  • Talk about the life behind Biggie’s rap
  • How his life was changed or what does it mean when his life was changed
  • Was it good or was it bad?


  • Mention the title of the Rap
  • Mention all 3 sub topics
  • Mention other rappers who did or may have been through the same situations