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2 Positives and 2 Negatives for peer critique of personal narrative

Positive He was able to think about his topic from the top of his head. He has a good sense […]

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Final Draft of Personal Narrative Essay


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1st draft of personal narrative essay

Power wanted yet never received People all around the world usually crave power. Do you? When you want power, you […]

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paragraph #1 of personal narrative essay

People all around the world usually crave power. Do you? when you want power, you usually want respect and recognition, […]

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Outline of Personal Narrative Essay

Introduction: Introduce the theme and the main focus of the essay.Have the attention getter which may start with a question […]

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Summary of “It’s Hard Enough Being Me” essay

In “It’s hard enough being me” the theme is struggle. What she describes in her short story is struggle and […]

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Summary of “Ripe Figs” essay

In the essay entitled, “Ripe Figs” by Kate Chopin, the theme addressed is time. The passages tells of the relationship […]

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Rhetorical Situations on “Ripe Figs”

1. Purpose of your writing? Kate Chopin wants er audience to see the patience that Maman-Nainaine has for people to […]

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Student Survey

1. Hello. My name is Ashley Criollo. 2. My major is Hospitality Management. 3. This is my freshman year of […]

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