English 1121 Journey

Many people plan to go to college from when they’re 10 year sold. They know exactly where they want to go, and what they have to do to get it. On the other hand, there are people out there that they want to go to college after high school, but are focused on what they want to major in, not what school to go too. People like me agree with the reading, “college’s Priceless Value” written by Frank Bruni because there’s more to life expectations than the knowledge of boo. Knowledge is wonderful, but it’s not only founded in books, but in life experiences.

If someone was to ask me the same question Frank Bruni was asked, “What’s the most transformative educational experience you’ve had?” I would also freeze up before answering because before I graduated high school, it came to me that my life was going to start and I was going to become a college girl. After all, it’s all the same thing, just a few new experiences and harder material. What was really life changing knew I’m old enough to make decisions for myself. When I was picking which colleges I should go to, I had teachers telling me “go here. It’s a goes school. It would be nice to have a different experience where it’s all about nature. Get away from home.” I told them no. I love the city, the transportation, the noise and being around my family. I made my first educational decision.

Growing up, I was never allowed to say where I wanted to go because it didn’t work like that. If my parents wanted me in a school I wasn’t happy about, I would have to still go. College school’s, were my decisions. In “college priceless value,” the author made me realize that there are people out there that can ruin the chance for people to do what they love, only because those people don’t love the same thing you do. As said in the article, “colleges priceless value” Scott Walker… he simultaneously toyed with changing the language of the university’s missing statement so that references to the search for truth and the struggle to improve the human condition would be replaced by an expressed concern for the states work force needs.” Just like Scott Walker possibly ruin those chances; I could’ve made a wrong option, ruining my chances.

Knowing there’s more to life than books and study’s, really helps with education, even though it’s a different education. In school, you don’t learn about how to do your taxes, raise a family, how to love someone, how to budget your money, and etc. life itself teaches the people to do that. No one needs school to do so, but everyone needs an experience, weather it’s good or bad, only so we can learn and move forward. My parents don’t believe in the major I’ve chosen (hospitality) because they don’t see a future in it. Yet I’ve managed to ignore them and continue my major because in my eyes I saw what could happen for me in my eyes. However, before I chose to be a chef, I wanted to be a psychologist. I then saw that wasn’t my thing because science is not my thing, and it involved a lot about the brain. I saw the class was not for me, and instead of continuing with psychology, I made my final choice and let “college now” help me make a drastic educational transition. In the article, “colleges Priceless Value” my psychology class was just a class, but culinary was like Anne Hall and her Shakespeare lines, it was transformative educational experience.

Life experiences are as educational as school experiences. They seem different, but it isn’t. I believe you need both to really understand life. Like in the book, “Gang Leader For A Day” the author not only studied his books to become a sociologist, he also went outside the walls of Chicago university to really learn the outside world in the Chicago streets, in “College’s Priceless Value” Frank Bruni made myself ask the same question he was asked and college, isn’t inly business and books, but passion and books in things that are life changing for yourself and not in “society eyes.”