Outward reflection

The word fit has many meanings, but it can refer to being a suitable or opportune person/thing to belong to a group at a social level. A person fits in when he adapts to a certain community in a way that cannot be moved or removed. The best way to fit into something, whatever it is, is to be yourself. We will always find what is related to us in the world, a group that has the same tastes, habits, skills, or hobbies as us. It is there where we feel that we truly belong when there is collective affinity.

Since I was little, I have felt part of many types of communities. I have fitted into the artistic community (singing and drawing), religious community (followers of Christ), Spanish speaking community, the community of surveyors (my first university career), and in recent years in the community of mothers. Now, I never believed I was part of some others, as is the case with the writing community.

Writing has never been my strong suit; I have always written out of obligation and not out of devotion to words or to express my thoughts through them. For me, writing is an art that I do not have. Writing is an enveloping gift that can make much grow in various areas of life. Writing is a gift not well appreciated by all—a gift not very appreciated by me.

In my native country, where I got most of my school education, writing was not given the place it deserved. The creation of essays and articles was not something that was learned in schools. A child did not learn to write a book at school. The child had to be born with the gift and develop it on his own if he wanted to be good at it. So, being part of the writing community was not an easy task since its existence was almost nil, and few liked to write.

Entering the professional world, I realized that thanks to the community of writers today, we have access to diverse sources of information and that fitting into this community is not as difficult as it seems. Without realizing it, I already belonged to this group. Since my first writing about my past as a writer, I have contributed my experience, ideas, and perspective to this letter world. In principle, I believed that you should be good enough to belong to the writing community, but you only need to be yourself and express whatever your thoughts are through words.

Now that I think about it more thoroughly, I can become part of the writing community based on my tastes or abilities, such as writing about singing and how therapeutic it can be, my experience as a mother, or my profession. Somehow everyone has something new and different to contribute, and I am sure that I am not the exception. Contributing is the best way to help others, and I know that my writing fits with someone else’s tastes.

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