Forward Reflection

Everything has a before and after. Before (5 months ago) I started the intensive English class, there was a lot of deficiency in my writing. My writing in English was null. The placement and organization of words in a text were somewhat complicated, and most sentences lacked complete meaning. But after (by that, I mean now) months of effort and corrections, tutorials and practical work, I had something positive in my writing. I did not realize the progress until I looked at the first writing I had done in class. The sentences were extremely long, with misuse of verbs, misspellings and more. Now, even though I keep making mistakes and am far from be a perfect writer, I can be proud of my progress.

Writing is a fundamental part of every professional. This reflects the good academic education has been received and is necessary for any individual’s work development. Working to improve my writing further will be a job I will have for my entire life. Not having received a school education in English makes everything for me need extra effort. So, from now on, I see myself fighting against my Hispanic-American nature and leaving Spanish aside a bit.

My path is just beginning in college and with it the opportunities to improve in my writes. But I know, it will be a challenging journey. Although I have not taken subjects concerning my major, I can predict that what comes next will be fascinating. I imagine the number of terminologies that exist in my major that I do not know about. I will have to write and familiarize myself with them as a professional in the area. Although this causes me some concern, I will not deny it.

I admit that I will need more skills in the future when it comes to writing. I often spend a lot of time figuring out the words to use or connecting one word to another. What it takes to an American to write 1000 words, it takes me twice. This increases the time that I must dedicate to any project, negatively affecting the effective management of my time. But that’s what we are here for, to keep moving forward.

My future in writing looks promising. If I could have improved so much in 5 months, what will it be in 4 years of university? And in the following, after having finished my career. I am sure that dedicating myself to writing is not my thing. And that perhaps I will not write for vocation or entertainment, but I will do it out of necessity. Because of that need, I must strive to improve, and when I do, I will go back to that first writing I did in my first English class and see how long I have come. At that moment, I will proudly say: It was all worth it.

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