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  • Yellow Wallpaper
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    The novel is being brought up as a personal experience of the author and the experiences she went through in her life. Her husband and brought her to a place for recuperation treatment for her mental illness. She stayed trapped in her room by force by her husband and the room had yellow wallpaper. She stood there unable to do things anything such as read or write because her husband restricted the things she did and kept her from actually getting better. Due to his beliefs of resting and trying to get better is the greater option, he only made the situation worse and her condition only seemed to be going the opposite direction. Throughout the whole thing, you would see how she was starting to hallucinate about what was on the yellow wallpaper. The different things she started to hallucinate was of countless women are on the yellow walls and they were crawling around the room. On the last day, she managed to rip off the wallpaper of the walls due to it all, because of what she did her husband fainted and she became one of the crawlers as well. In the whole writing, you are able to see that the author plays the role of powerless as she is trapped in her room the whole time. The restriction that the author experiences from her husband shows how pushed aside she has become throughout it all. This brings up how little women are actually listened to and how society doesn’t let women have their own opinion about their own needs.

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