English 1101-0384

      My name is Brianna Lewis, I am 18 years old and I’m from Long island. I work in an auto/rental company and I’m also a babysitter. I chose city tech to get into a new environment, while commuting but because of the virus a lot of things have changed. I’m currently majoring in dental hygiene.However, I’m also interested in radiation therapy and architecture. Moving forward, I hope to gain knowledge that will help me towards my career.


      In article 2, it states that everyone is entitled to all rights and freedom set in the declaration.No matter the race, sex, religion or social status. However, not everyone believes in this. I agree with this article, because people shouldn’t be jugged based on race, sex, religion, etc, but by the character they possess.

      With the troubling times we are facing within the world such as the threat of racism overcoming the world, I understand the words stated in this article are true. Instead of abiding society’s stereotypes, get to know others from different racial backgrounds. Racism is continuing to threaten our basic human rights, bringing the need to come together and fight for our rights.