ENGL1101 NYC DREAMS, FA2018, C303/D303

Saira Guzman

English 1101

October 18th, 2018

The organization I interviewed via email was the ā€œOffice of Temporary and Disability AssistanceĀ and theĀ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programā€ that helps people with disabilities and people with low-income living in New York City. The person that I interviewed was Mr.Ā Anthony Farmer. The organization of OTDA and the SNAP was established in 1997 and according to Mr. Farmer the “legislation was passed that, in part, renamed and divided the Department of Social Services into the Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance and the Office of Children and Family Services.” Mr. Farmer told me that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program gives free classes to the people that receive benefits to teach people the way they can, “Buy more nutritious food with less money, prepare quick, easy and healthy meals, cook and prepare food safely, and exercise more and have fun.” Mr. Farmer also told that he could see the program continuing doing the same helpfulness the program has given to people and some of this helpful benefits the program would continue to do in the future is “removing key barriers to reducing hunger for children and adults while maximizing benefits for those who are eligible”Ā  This program provides an “Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card” to one family per house. With this card, the programĀ sendsĀ  “Every month, the recipientā€™s benefits are deposited right into his or her account” so they could be ableĀ to buy the food for their children every month and other needs. However, according to Mr. Farmer, “59 percent of all SNAP recipients in New York State are families with children that are elderly or disabled.”Ā  Overall the SNAP and the OTDA programs are programs that help people that are not able to provide for their families in the State of New York and seek for the help of the government.

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