I chose the Children’s Community Service organization because I find it very meaningful and interesting. It is located in Queens, New York. This organization according to the interviewee, works with the Department of Homeless Service to provide hotel rooms for the homeless and other people that are in need of shelter. I asked the interviewee a few questions about the organization and their goal. Children’s Community Service has partnered up with multiple different hotels in each borough to provide shelter for people who are in desperate need. They provide a room to families who cannot afford to pay rent, for people who need a roof over their head and a bed to sleep on at night while the department of Homeless Service tries to find apartments for them, for people who are unemployed and cannot afford an apartment and legal immigrants who came into the country and needed somewhere to stay. They also help people grow and build themselves. They are known as the “helping ground” for many.

Children’s Community Service main goal is working with more hotels, open more shelter and grow into a bigger organization. Children’s Community Service works with Department of Homeless Service to help find apartments. While Children’s Community Service provides a room for families, Department of Homeless helps to find houses and apartments for those people. This organization is doing great and it helps many people. Everyone is entitled to have food, shelter, somewhere to shower and clothing.


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