ENGL 1101: Fire, Disease, Disaster: Catastrophe and the Shaping of Public Space

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  • The historical LIBRARY of Brooklyn.
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    The Brooklyn Archives:

    My first impression of the building made me think about what I had just learned the day before in my Materials in Architecture class. I thought about the material that had been used in making the building and its design. The brick walls make the building seem very sturdy and impressive. The lobby unfortunately stains the vintage appearance of the building with computers and a register that make everything look more modern. But as we walked up the stairs into the library I was amazed at how the library looked. Being in the library made me want to study and research through the books and letters. I felt almost at home in the library with the beautiful floors cracking as I walked around. Without a doubt the library was the most beautiful and interesting looking library that I have every been in. The old bookshelves and overall wooden structures give the library a great atmosphere in which to study and learn in. Just being in the library made me want to start working on my own architectural plans. A very inspiring place indeed.


    Well written.


    Could’nt have said it better myself.

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