ENGL 1101: Fire, Disease, Disaster: Catastrophe and the Shaping of Public Space

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  • Brooklyn historical society assignment due for tuesday november 8th.
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    Last week, the map that struck me as the most interesting, was the map of the sewers; I will describe how we used it and interpreted it. We first noticed that the document was hand drawn and as architectural students, where able to appreciate the skill and art of it. There was a Map of the sewer systems around brooklyn and to the right showed different parts of a sewer system. We talked and agreed that it the map was made to present the system to the town for approval. The map showed in red all of the different sewers systems and we where able to notice that at the time there where not that many at all. We also came to the conclusion that the map dated from when brooklyn was starting to become part of NYC. The reason why the sewer system was necessary was to accommodate the high increase in people living in brooklyn.



    where the water pipes under the slab in dash lines or center or solid?

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