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  • Alpha Team: Awareness and Prevention Proposal
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    Ana Panameno

    Alpha Team’s Proposal

    As a group we decided that our audience are the residents of New York City and the government. Considering New York City has been the most effected by COVID-19 we must include them in this conversation. New York City is a densely populated city that has to take special measures. The government has the power to distribute funding to hospitals, shelters, essential businesses and people in need of certain resources. The government also has the power of informing the residents of New York of what precautions to take and constantly give updates on the virus as new data is recorded and analyzed.
    Since we now know the virus can affect everyone of any age it is best that we target people of all ages. Younger people can carry the virus without knowing it, so it is best that we inform them on how to be considerate towards people who are vulnerable and how to practice safety standards. We know that the elderly and people with preexisting conditions are at a bigger risk we might want to let them know how to practice social distancing and steering away from younger people, we might want to teach them how to purchase things online rather than risking their health by going outdoors for purchases. Finally, we can give parents pointers on how to teach their children how to practice social distancing for the future when they have to go back to school and other public places.
    Technological Background:
    We live in a digital age. So, our information will be shared on the digital platform. But we have taken into consideration that not all residents have access or knowledge on how to operate a digital platform. As an alternative we will be posting an article on the daily newspaper.
    When the COVID-19 surfaced, the world was not prepared for it. As a result, it took a heavy toll on everyone. The cases of COVID-19 may be dropping but who is to say there will not be another even more dangerous disease after COVID-19. The recent study shows that New York city had the highest rate of coronavirus death and confirmed cases in this pandemic. That is why; our goal is to spread awareness among the people and prepare ourselves for any other future outbreaks. We will be going over some precautions steps that people can make use of in their daily life. Moreover, we will be discussing on how the government must take some action and come up with prevention solutions for facing next outbreak. The information that will be provided will surely be very useful and give people an ease of mind.

    Ana Panameno
    Lutfar Nahar
    Sahriar Islam
    Rajeen Khadka

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