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    Alexa Hicks

    Lady Mary describes the role of the wife as a servant because of the duties she’s expected to do as a wife. Then she goes on to describe “tying the knot “ or getting married as fatal because maybe for some women once they’re married you basically give your life , goals and ambitions away to focus on being a wife and mother. Lady Mary also said ”Which nothing, nothing can divide” but then goes on to say “ Then but to look, to laugh, or speak, Will the nuptial contract break. “ this is basically saying that if the woman does anything other than what the man wants or expects her to do like speak her opinion or does something her husband does not like he will want a divorce. The poem also talks about how after marriage the man is no longer kind to the woman because he’s now the “Boss” and his ego and pride is all he cares about. Also the woman most give up her freedom and become a mute “but still be governed by a nod. And fear her husband like a God.” As a servant would fear their master. I think Lady Mary was trying to describe how men see women in marriages as less of a human rather than a partner and that the women is inferior to them. And that’s why when a woman values herself and does not let a man treat her as less than what she is she is abominated by men.



    I agree completely especially when with women tying the knot. That was a huge step back in the seventeenth century having women marry unto a man was like her basically detaching herself from her previous family and serving her husband, your life is claimed by that man and isn’t yours anymore. You marry to get do the responsibilities of not only a mother but basically an underling for this man.

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