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    Angel Peralta

    This speech is about how man and women are not different after all. We just see women very differently now because of the way how our parents raised us. To always treat them with respect, always pay for them ,always do the hard work for them but as we start to realize things start to change back. More people want equality. As said in the reading women have as much muscle as men so they can do as much hard work as us men. Women can eat as much as us men so why they have to eat little. In the reading they talk about having our own rights. She is speaking as if we still don’t know what our actual equal rights mean – equality. Then changes the same topic with a different meaning when involving religion. “And how came jesus into the world? god who created and women who bore him”. This a difficult line to understand because I grew up to a catholic family but Im slowly coming out of that tradition of learning of what to belief. But this is true and has been said for many years why did God choose a male and not a female to lead. Why could’t choose both. This reading topic was hard to understand.

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