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    This speech has to be one of my favorite so far. I like the fact that she is speaking a lot on equality and opens up her speech speaking on how she is as a strong as a man. Truth is pointing out that women can do what men can do and this automatically grabs my attention. I also like that she is speaking on a view point for African American women. During this time All women did not have equal rights ,but African American women struggled more. This is one of the few speeches that does speak on inequality for African American women and Truth writes about it in a very powerful way. One of my favorite parts of this speech is when she mentions that if Eve is the cause of all sin , and one woman can cause all that trouble, then we should have the chance to change things and make it right. This is very true because we should not have to struggle because of things that were done before us. A lot of things have changed and the expectations and treatment of women need to be changed. I would say the theme of this speech is Christianity and equality. Equality because throughout her speech she speaks on how women can do the same thing men can and how she has “ as much muscle” and “ can eat “ the same way men do. She uses the theme of Christianity by using the story of Adam and Eve and mentioning the story of Lazarus.

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