ENG 2150 Intro to Women Writers Spring 2016

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ENG 2150 Intro to Women Writers Spring 2016
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ENG 2150
Semester / Year
Spring 2016
Course Description

This course will introduce you to writings by selected women writers, both major authors and less well-known women writer. We will explore a variety of genres: fiction, poetry, drama, memoir, and non-fiction. While we will be focusing primarily on American women writers, we will also read selected writers from around and explore issues of globalization as they relate to literature by women. The course will focus on readings that explore concepts of identity and the ways in which race, class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity intersect to shape one’s experience, sense of self and understanding of the world. Through an analysis of literary texts by women, and situating them in their historical, political and social contexts, we will examine the relationship between literary narratives and larger political and social movements. To do so, we will supplement our analysis of literary texts with theoretical inquiry and historical research to develop a fuller understanding of the social and cultural significance of each work.


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