ENG2000 Perspectives, F2013

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ENG2000 Perspectives, F2013
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Fall 2013
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As you can see from the College’s description of this course, Perspectives in Literature is “A study of human values in the literature of Western Culture. Readings are organized around the great themes of literature and life, family life, man, woman, and nature of evil, the individual and society, skepticism and faith.” This semester, we’ll explore these themes as they appear in various genres of American and British literature. We will encounter controversial social issues and questions that hounded authors for centuries; through novels, short stories, poetry, a play, and a graphic novel, we’ll examine how people have answered (or not) some of literature’s most persistent questions about science, power, art, love, war, peace, and existence.

I expect you to participate in class to show that you understand the assigned readings and can analyze them on multiple levels. We will use the elements of fiction (plot, setting, point of view, characterization, theme, and style) to analyze assigned readings. We’ll also discuss various genres and engage in comparative analysis. You’ll be expected to use these skills in formal writing assignments and exams. Please refer to the Outcomes Assessment handout for a full explanation of these goals, since they are key to our class and to each of our assignments


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