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    When choosing two songs I can think of songs with a part 1 and two which is pretty common in rap for example Dave East wrote a song called Keisha and on his Paranoia 2 album released a song I found Keisha. The overall story of both songs entails the night he was robbed by a woman name Keisha and what happened when he found her. The song ill be discussing is Trife Life and More Trife Life written by Mobb Deep. In Trife Life there was a slow maniacal tempo which gave the essence of the song a good pace which Havoc & Prodigy used it to tell a story. Prodigy starts out by saying he’s having a regular day and a girl calls him to hang out but he suspects it as a set up so he brings his friends along for any unseen drama. In More Trife Life the Prodigy starts off with a more aggressive tempo that set the tone that something is actually going to happen this time. Which indeed the girl that called him from the first song called him again after many years and he goes to see her alone. While in her apartment he asked her what happened to her old boyfriend and she says he isn’t around anymore. However, the ex comes banging on the door and Havoc describes the events prodigy goes through while being in the apartment with the girlfriend. It was insane to compare both pieces of music seeing they went from winning on Trife Life to being deceived on More Trife Life it was a complete turn of events.

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