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  • Daily experiences after reading "Don't go Back to Sleep"
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    On a normal afternoon I am doing one of a few things on a regular basis, depending on if i am at school or work. If i am at work one of three things are going on in the afternoon, its either lunch, stressing or day dreaming. Lunch is one activity that makes me feel more engaged in the day because i am conversing with my co workers. However i wouldn’t feel as engaged if i was watching Netflix because my moods switch. I would go from being in first person to now being a spectator which involves less effort. Stressing is an activity that definitely engaged me with the day because i am working hard to figure out how to deal with day to day situations at work on the other hand, day dreaming moves me into a spectating mood which disengages me from my surroundings. In school i am always engaged in the day because of participating but if i am walking to another class listening to music i will be less interested in my surroundings which leads to me zoning out. I feel like a direct impact of your daily attention is how much you participate in what you’re doing, if you are working on a task or socializing you’re actively participating in a movement. If you are day dreaming or listening to movement there is no effort involved which restricts your participation in the act. Which confirms the more you participate the more attention you have throughout the day.

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