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    Jennifer Sears

    Paste your free write from today’s class here. You can edit it before you post. You can also read and respond to the answers provided by others.
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    Here are the instructions again if you need them:

    How does your personal history relate to your creative process? What are you uniquely bringing to the page and to this class? As starting point, you might write about: 

    A past experience with a ”creative breakthrough” in writing or another creative genre
    A particular story you feel a need to tell
    Someone in your life who influenced you in relationship to creativity or helped you think in a more creative way
    A way that creativity plays a role in what you consider your greatest academic strength or academic experience
    How having to earn credits in Creative Expression seems frustrating or even ”scares you” (Ta-Nehisi Coates), but since you are here, maybe…….


    Miguel Ortiz

    Creative expression may be a little scary for me because I think I am not really good at expressing my ideas and that sometimes is frustrating since I can not write and express those ideas correctly. But taking this course may seem a good way to help me with this problem and be more creative and find new ways to express my ideas and be more fluent in my writing.


    Minhaz Cader

    I think my fascination for anime and cartoons help me with creative writing. Since those pieces of fiction are so creative and open they help me build upon my imagination. I often create situations in my head of things I would like to see in a certain show. I feel like this would help with writing because my imagination is always in use. I could also implement different writing styles into my work so I can get a mix of everything in my writing.



    Writing has always been difficult for me being that English is not my first language and I have a difficult time communicating my ideas through writing. Creative writing frustrates me because I’ve never taken a course like this that would challenge my creativity.



    Creative expression has always been difficult for me. Mostly because when told to write something not a poem or story I’ll always draw a blank. That said it’s not an negative experience for me. I’ve had a few teachers make me write to showcase that I can do it. More so that I overthinking what to write. That said I don’t really write like at all. But, I do read Web novels, Manga’s, and some Comics. Which I hope can help with making stories of fiction.


    The day I realize that I am somewhat good at creative writing was during my sophomore year in College. where my literature professor gave me three words “The First Time” and instruct me to begin a story of an event that happen in my life. As I start writing; ideas after ideas started to snowballing down a hill which lead to a point that it was difficult to stop. After what feels like two seconds I have cover 5 pages of a classic story in my life. For me Those three words was what ignite that fuse of creativity within and also lead to a so called break through of an artistic vision………


    Miguel Pacheco

    I make music and write my own lyrics, not so long ago I made a song that I consider to be very personal and very impactful. I myself already knew the song was good, one of my best but it wasn’t until somebody I knew reached out about it that made me realize how impactful it truly was. An old classmate of mine reached out, I never really knew him, talked to him only few times but he reached out saying the song was extremely relatable. He told me it was surprising how I described what he felt without actually knowing anything about his experience, he went on to share openly what had happened, opening up as if i was a good friend of his. I was caught off guard but not surprised, I knew my music had the ability to affect in that way, I had always strived to make it so, but it was the first time I saw somebody actually react in such way, it confirmed that my creativity was past what I thought I was capable of.


    Omar Enriquez

    I believe that if it wasn’t because of anime I would have never unlocked my creative process. For some people that are reading this and saying to themselves , “Anime? How can anime help your creative process? That is funny.” Well because of it, I managed to get an A on both English 1101 and 1121. How you may be asking yourself? Well, anime is fiction and it has an abundant amount of genres. With those amount of genres that I’ve accumulated I try my best to find the connection between the two. Still not enough you may be asking? Well when watching these shows I am always on the edge of my couch and I make myself feel like I am next to the character. Not only do I make myself be besides the character, I also try to feel the emotion, the action, the setting, etc. If you feel like you are in creative block then give it a try because there is a genre/show to help you and to brighten you up.


    Ranishma Karki

    I’ve always loved writing, but I’ve always felt like I’m not good enough or I’ll make mistakes and write something wrong.I never used my creative side because of the fear of getting judged. It was the start of COVID, when we all had nothing to do and were finding new hobbies. I tried writing a poem about the things that we were experiencing. I wrote and thought about things, that was new to us like quarantine and lockdown. This is when I got creative ideas in my head, and wrote a short poem and I asked few of my friends to give me feedback and they’re response was “it’s pretty funny”. I got a little confidence to keep writing and I think what gives me creatively is the new things that I experience by exploring, watching or reading.


    Muhammad Afzal

    I have never been the most creative guy and I would say my imagination is quite limited. But ever since I met my girlfriend she has been writing me the most amazing poems, and these have really opened up my mind. I need her to constantly breakdown and explain each poem to me because they’re so creative and well written. The abstract thinking I learn from her has allowed me to open my mind a little more and learn her thinking. It’s certainly made me think more creatively.



    I feel my environment has always played a role in my creative process. For instance, I am currently enlisted in the military and that has taught me to always think outside the box and to think on my feet. It taught me that sometimes the typical way might not always get the job done. Thinking creatively will allow what seems impossible to become possible. Since being in this great environment, I feel that my mind has had a greater appreciation for creativity. I am also a shy person and have great solutions but my personality makes me closed off, but on paper I tell a different story. My most authentic self is in writing and hopefully this semester I can break free from my shyness and be able to share my creativity and thinking with everyone.


    Tenzin Yangchen

    English is not my first language, and therefore expressing myself in writing and words appear to be a huge Job for me as I might not be able to translate my feelings in words correctly. I stopped writing for years because none of all classes needed creative expression writing, but rather a direct answer and this made my writing sense somewhat poor. I now try to write journal every day as possible describing my day in India, as I’m out of country right now and life in India is very different from New York City, we don’t have access to good internet services, so to kill my time, my mom advised me to write a journal since I’m taking creative writing class this semester. There are so many things to write about because I came to visit my home after 10 years, and this decision did come in handy and I myself enjoyed this writing journal and I can always look back and read and remember how my day went. Creativity helped me put in my thoughts and feelings to words and when I come back to class, I’m optimistic that the class will help me become a better writer so I’m not feeling any fear about this class.



    I always loved reading books as a child. I would head to the school library and read a book every 2 weeks. R.L Stine is my favorite author to date for his “Goosebumps” series. I loved those books because it gave me vivid imaginations as a child. I would often daydream, creating stories in my head and would write out short stories to reflect them. This lead to me writing stories in my free time. As I grew older though, I started reading and writing less and less to the point I don’t write anymore and I seldom find myself reading books. One of My best friends on the other hand is the most creative person I know. It’s etched into his existence. He began doing spoken words when we were teens and has mastered the craft to the point where he’s well respected and renowned back home in Grenada. He goes through periods of writers block and always overcomes them by drawing inspiration from people or events within his life. It even inspires me to start back reading and writing but it just never falls through most of the time. I do think I’m a creative person, but as with majority of things currently in my life; the drive to engage in that creativity evades me daily.

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    Shyryll Balagot

    Music is one of my passion and I believe that music is where I mostly express my ideas. I love creating my own songs inspired by personal experience. I mostly create songs based on what I am feeling. For example, when I am sad or having anxiety and sometimes when I feel pain or love. I tend to create lyrics in my mind quickly when I am in my feelings while I play a melody on my guitar. At this point, I start to write the lyrics I think about and record the melody I made for the song. Although I have a passion for music, I’ve always been scared to share that talent with other people because I felt like I am not good as the other expert who create music. Only one person was able to motivate me to continue my passion for music and he is one of my friends. He was a musician who recently passed away. He was the one who encourages me to not give up my passion for music. Until now I am trying to learn how to create music and hopefully, in the future, I will be able to release my own song to the public and share it with other people.



    My creative expression was more physical before then as I had a hobby of drawing for my entire life. Watching cartoons in my childhood and adolescent were the starting point, as almost anything could happen in a cartoon with their plots ending in many crazy ways seasonally or episodically. I wasn’t as adept in expressing this creative energy verbally or through writing on par with my artistic skills. My creative expression on paper began in my senior year in high school, due to my amazing English teacher I had with making us enhance this creative writing ability by making us do free writes before every lesson and loop the main idea from previous ones onto the current. This helped me frequently as it would test my creative boundaries and expanded it to what I have today.

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