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  • Participation Activity, Session 17: Writing Flash Fiction
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    Ahsham Nasir

    Unknown Driver
    “Dude did you hear that,” said Arthur
    “nah bro,” I respond as soon as we hear a loud screeched. It was a 1990’s Toyota, but it was kept in good condition.
    There was a figure in the car, no taller than five nine or five ten maximum,
    “you see what I see right,” questioned Arthur, “yeah man I see it too,” I responded as I swallowed my saliva.
    We saw the figure as it reached for something, unclear of what it was we started to walk back, our faces to the car. with every step we took the engine of the Toyota revved, as if warning us what was to come. “Alex i don’t know what this person is gonna do but lets.., don’t look to make it obvious but lets run to that house there,” started Arthur as I cut him off “no man that car is in really good condition so he defiantly has it modded, were not gonna be able to run there in time.” We come to a stop as the car continues to rev its engine, “yeah bro it sounds like a new engine to me,” Arthur started, “Alright new plan we run in opposite directions he’s gonna come after one of us, it fives the other a chance to call the police on this,”
    “alright bro, on the count of three,” I quickly respond
    We run in opposite directions, as I looked back Arthur jumped over a fence, and I did the same. As I look back to where I was running, I Hurd the truck start and make a left. not knowing which direction the truck was going I continued to run.



    Stalker in the Sewers

    A light carves through the rank misty dark manmade tunnels of the sewer system as 2 protective suit clad explorers probe the depths in search of something, something interesting however, not even they know what they’re looking for in the depths until they see it. The vile odors of moss and biomass fill the stale and damp sewer air. Several hours into the walk the 2 explorers start hearing guttural groans and growls, sounds they just chock up to the inner workings of the sewer system doing what it does however, they make sure not to forget about the sounds. The further they go, their lights on their equipment get dimmer and dimmer until finally they go out. A few seconds into the pitch black darkness, the noises they hear get louder and louder and the metallic scent of blood and the vile scent of putrefaction becomes faint in the air. The 2 start to panic and fumble for emergency flares which they have on them for just the occasion. A whitish red light illuminates the vicinity around them and slowly the sounds recede further into the background alongside the horrid smells however, the 2 feel like they’re only prolonging something big, something they’ve been looking for. knowing that they’re too far in to turn back now, they continue, one getting ready to turn out the light and replace the battery in their light, and the other getting their pistol ready for what’s ahead, or behind. If they make it out, this will be an experience they truly won’t forget



    Diary Report 32: The Being Outside The Bunker

    It’s been 2 years since the fallout. I created this damn bunker because I knew something bad was going to happen. With the way the world was turning, with world politics going completely out of control, I knew that a nuclear fallout was inevitable. I have about 5 years of rations left, and It will last just that long because I wasn’t able to convince anyone to join me before the bombs dropped. They all thought I was crazy.
    Zombies started roaming the grounds outside my bunker about a year ago. I can see their decaying flesh. Is almost like I can smell the rancid stench through the reinforced, airtight door that is protecting me from the radiation coming from the barren land outside the bunker.
    There is one thing I have noticed throughout the past few months. About 4 months ago, I saw one specific zombie. He looked like a teenage boy, maybe about 15 years old. He wasn’t acting like normal zombies that pay attention to nothing though, It looked like he was constantly looking at me. Not as food, but I could see in his eyes that he looked distressed. About 2 months ago, He started walking towards the bunker door when I would sit on the other side with my lawn chair relaxing. We would stare at each other for hours, before I decided to go back down to go to the bathroom, get food, etc. A month ago, just for jokes, I started talking to the zombie boy. I started to call him Hendrick, and I would converse with him about life before the bombs, how I was so lonely because I have been alone for 2 full years. I told him how I thought I was going crazy. I knew he wasn’t talking back to me, but It felt like I had another person to vent to and listen to my problems.
    Then, a few days ago, my day started out normally. I got out of my bed, went to the freezer to get the same freeze dried meal that I have eaten for the past 2 years straight, Got ready, and walked up the long set of stairs to get to the bunker door. I sat down on my lawn chair and started looking through the reinforced glass on the door, waiting for my best friend Hendrick to come and greet me. I saw him with his back pressed up against the wall of a crumbled building, and when he saw me, he got up and walked towards me, plopping right down criss-crossed and looked at me. I talked to him about my regular problems and then I told him, “I wish I could let you in and talk to you forever.” Right after I said this, Hendrick, with his decaying eyes, looked directly at me and opened his mouth. “Please…. Help me.” I felt my eyes widen and my heart started to race. I didn’t know what to do.


    Stephany Pena

    A tremendous grey castle appeared out of nowhere, slowly emitting a thick visible fog. From a grand castle transforms into a ruined castle surrounded by rubble. Suddenly two young children, a boy and a girl appeared hand in hand. The pair ran away from the castle in their night clothes. The girl wore a light red colored nightshirt accompanied with matching shorts. The boy wore a light bluish-grey pajama shirt and pants.
    As they run, the girl grips the boy’s hand as tightly as she can. The girl increases the pace they run at and the boy struggles to keep up, mostly being dragged by her. Both heavily pant as they run, trying to gasp for air desperately. The girl tilts her head behind her but as she averts her attention from the path they run, she trips over rubble. The girl falls bringing the boy down with her.
    The girl sits up checking up on the boy. As he lifts his head, the girl leans forward to help him sit up. Before she could see if the boy received any wounds, he tapped her arm. Her eyes followed his face. His face shows a fearful expression as he slowly lifts his trembling arm and points to the direction of where the castle stood. The girl uses his pointing as a guide to see what made him so fearful but she already has her suspicions of what was the cause. As she peers into the fog, she can make out the figure of their pursuer rapidly approaching.
    The girl’s stomach tightens as the distance between them and their pursuer dangerously closes in. The pair desperately backs up on the floor to create some distance, leaning into each other. The boy buries his face into the girl’s shoulder, crying. The girl wraps her arms around him as a way to comfort and soothe him. It only serves to make the boy wail harder than before as they both know it’s over when their pursuer reaches them.
    Their pursuer appears as this shadowy figure and slowly closes in on them. Their expression is unreadable or rather yet, the girl couldn’t see their face. It was blackened out barely showing anything. They take out this sword and place it over their shoulder. The girl tightens her embrace around the boy but she couldn’t close her eyes to block her view of the figure. She was too afraid to do anything. Out of fear, she couldn’t close her eyes, she couldn’t move her body to run, she couldn’t even call for help as she thought any movement she made would effectively end both their lives right then and there.
    The figure removing the sword changes its placement on their shoulders to their left side. The girl tracks the movement of the figure and the sword. They swing their sword back, waiting to attack the pair. The girl, in hopes of saving the boy, covers him to take the brunt of the attack. The figure strikes their sword down and it’s the last thing the girl sees as the whole area turns into darkness.


    Rajeen Khadka

    One Unforgettable Afternoon
    When I was in High School, One afternoon me and my friend were walking home afterschool. On our way home, we came across a group of 3 kids . It was a narrow street and there were no one around beside us. They were blocking the path. They looked much older than us. Yet we still kept on walking forward and tried to walk past them but the group stopped us. They told us to empty our pockets and give them everything we had. My friend refused and one of the guys punched him in the stomach. I pushed the guy that punched my friend as hard as I could and me and my friend ran away as fast as we could. We ran for a few blocks, I didn’t turn around but I could hear them chasing us. We ran towards where we could find people. As soon as we hit the main road we stopped running. The other kids stopped chasing us. My heart was racing and I was shaking. Me and my friend still talk about it still to this day.


    Jennifer Sears

    All…..Nice work on these flash fictions. Remember you can develop and use these in your assignments. If you use several of them, make sure to give each one a title, so the reader knows you are shifting stories. Zombies, sci-fi, and speculative fiction are fine…but do not submit fairy or folk tales for the fiction assignment.

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