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  • Participation Activity, Session 17: Writing Flash Fiction
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    Jennifer Sears

    Using instruction in this post: Participation Activity, Session 17: Writing Flash Fiction, post a flash fiction on the discussion board below. Also see related materials in the Session 17 To-Do List:



    Nathaly Morocho

    Two peas and pod:
    Rosie and Wes have been together since middle school. They are seniors and college. “Where do you want to do for our anniversary, love?” Rosie asked. “I don’t know my amor. Where do you want to go?” Wes said looking at Rosie. Rosie blushes and looks down. “I don’t know, you want to go to the park?” She asked. “Yea sure anything for you.” He said. “After that where do you want to go?” She asked. “We can go to the fair and I can win you a bear.” He said looking at her. “Sure” she said looking at him and kissing his cheek.

    They went to the fair and played many games. There was this specific bear that Rosie wanted and it was a panda bear. Wes saw her eyes sparkle when she saw the panda bear. They went to the booth and Wes got the panda and gave her the stuffed toy. She thanked him. They went to a spot where Rosie doesn’t know Wes was going to propose to her.

    “Where are we?” She asked. When she turned around she saw Wes on one knee. “Rosie, you’ve been in my life since middle school until today. You made me the most happiest person in the world. Will you marry me?” Wes spoke. Rosie was crying and said “yes.” Wes put the ring on her. 4 years later, Rosie and Wes have twins (a boy and a girl). Also, Rosie was eight months with their third child. They’ve became more happy with each other and loved each other. Also being good parents.



    Wrong-way home
    5 years. On a Saturday morning, my brother and I were coming from the barbershop. We took a different route for some reason. And as we were walking past a school on east 31st street a couple of men started calling us as if we knew them. My brother and I started walking faster and ignoring those guys but eventually, they caught up to us and pulled out their weapons and started searching us for money, took out phones, and my little brother’s favorite hat.
    My brother Jeremiah was crying because he thought they were going to kill him but I was there. I would never let that happen. I told him to relax and he pushed me then said “ what about my phone and my cash” His nickname was JJ I told him “ hey bro we can replace your phone but your life no” after our conversation I made a call on our way home
    As I made the call I walked into the house and straight to my room my brothers were telling my mom how scared they were and our parents started panicking.
    By the time my mom came to my room to ask me what was going on, I was long gone.
    In my head, no one gets away with robbing me, and to make it worse my brothers. With that phone call to a no caller id came revenge.



    this story respond the the question the correct way and I like how you get a since of what is going on it feels as if you are in the middle of the action.


    Few years back on the summer season we plan to go to the six flag which is located in the New Jersey state. As our plan one sunny morning Sunday we went to six flag. I went to the six flag with my uncle and since I was new to this country it was first time for me to going to an amusement park like Six Flag. I was very excited when I enter to the park with my younger cousin. I was older among our cousins. So we first get in the swing which was fun and easy one and then we rise the horse ride.
    After riding that easy ride my cousin and I wanted to ride called sky Scripter which look fun at the beginning. So we both stand in the line for this ride. After 15 minutes of waiting our turn came and we happily sit on the ride. So, when the ride began we are having fun and we are keeping getting up and finally we reach all the way top. Then the ride starts spinning and gets its full speed we start getting perpendicular to the main tower. The speed was so high that I was feeling like it will throw me like 1000 mile away. At that time my cousin starts screaming by saying why we get into this ride. One point he start biting me so hard but I didn’t say anything since, I was the oldest one and I get to calm him down. I was scared to but I didn’t express it front of him because he might get even more nerves. I was trying to calm him down by saying look who ever design it they look at the safety measure of us so don’t worry. We were flying in sky like that for around five minutes which was like million years to me.



    Few years back..
    Good old college days upstate breaking the rules was just fun. Fun in the sense of getting caught by campus security and telling us to either stop what we’re doing or to politely leave campus.
    I remember one night when I decided to go out with my roommates for a night out, we were determined to continue the fun even after we arrived back to campus that which we walked throughout campus during midnight looking for the nearest gas station to buy gas beer with out fake ID’s just the travel to and back from that gas station was the most hilarious thing. Because we were drunk trying to get back into our dorms, while sneaking in liquor which was “prohibited”. Half way back to our rooms our clumsy self some how made it on the grass lawn of a private resident who just so happened to live on campus. That’s where security seen us from afar and pulled out the flash light on us asking us what we were doing, I never hid a can of beer as fast as I did that day it was just hilarious. Luckily all we had to say was we were lost because it was dark and that we were trying to find our way back to the dorms, before he directed us and just left after. But it was sooo funny, and that walk is just always one for the books to tell.



    Tears of embarrassment
    She saw me and came running to me and started crying. I was so lost as to why she was crying. I thought it was family problems or she is stressing about something else besides college, but I was wrong. I asked her what’s wrong and she couldn’t stop crying so I told her to take a long breath and took her aside because a lot of students were watching us and told her what happened, and she said it was the math test. She felt really embarrassed because she told me it’s going to come up on her transcript which will look bad.
    She was getting emotional, so I had to somehow distract her and told her lets go grab some food because who doesn’t like food. We went together and grab some lunch. To make her feel better I told her that one test can not determine our whole life so why are you stressing about it. She was really on the edge because of that test. I kept telling her that I was in her shoes, it happens to me too, but I had no one to talk to about or make me feel calm. At one point I was going into depression because of how many classes I took and all the professors just giving homework and tests back-to-back. So, it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to restart refresh so don’t push yourself too much. Health is important more than your test. After giving her some advice. We walked to the train station, and I drop her at her stop, and I left. I hope she is feeling well after that!!.


    Kevin Ho

    Snap on Hill
    Trembling and holding tight the arm of her husband. Looking up from the mountain cable car, trees looks like spikes pointing towards her. She imagined the scenarios of the cable if it happens to snap. Will the mountain cable car be pierce through by pine trees? Or, will it rolled like a bowling ball down the hill and drown in the sea? “Why are you so afraid? This ride is safe, just look up, not down,” says the husband. She looked up, the cable that hold the weight of the mountain cable car appears to her as a strand of a spider. The sky that is blue to her, turned to pitch black. The mountain cable car stopped, the husband says, “see, this ride is safe.” The wife open her eyes wide in full circle with her face facing directly towards her husband. As their eyes meet, she says, “did you … heard a snap?”


    Avida Sharma

    Ana was my best friend for as long as I can remember, or at least she was. We grew up together, went to the same school, and even had sleep overs. As we got older we grew closer together, but once we entered highs school everything changed. We were still really close but she was always running after the “popular” kids trying to fit in with them. I didn’t mind as we weren’t in the same classes anyways, this was her chance to make new friends. We walk to and from school every morning but it became obvious she wanted to walk with her other friends more. It did hurt me but I accepted it as we still talked on the phone and played games together. It was when the lying started that I became worried. She would cancel our plans saying she had to help her mom and then go on to post selfies with her new friends at the mall. There was no reason to lie to me, just tell me the truth you want to go be with your new friends. This made me think some part of her knew that what she was doing was hurting me. After she began lying, she stopped talking to me overall. If I didn’t call her or ask her to hang out we would never see each other. Eventually our friendship slowly drifted away and that childhood friend I had was gone. I would see her with her friends and would just walk the other way. It wasn’t until a year later when she got arrested for some circumstance that no one wanted to talk about that I realized those new friends probably had something to do with this. Had I known that these “friends” would cause the end of our friendship or get her into trouble maybe I could’ve prevented everything that happened had I tried harder to stay friends with her.



    Me and my sister and I had gone out. We were just walking towards my grandma’s house in the Bronx. At one point we stumbled upon a flock of pigeons on the floor. This is super regular to see New York city but nonetheless, she was terrified. She wasn’t screaming but just didn’t want to move to get around them. She just stood there and I kept telling her to go and walk she said no. Before this, I’ve never seen anyone from new york freeze up over some birds on the sidewalk. To Fool around though I began to walk. This made her more frustrated. She began to call for me, “kevin come back”. To me, I thought it was hilarious but you can really see it in her eyes that this just wasn’t for her. I then thought that I was enough and walked back to her and stomped the ground and all the pigeons flew away. Suddenly however I see them turn around and flying back towards me diving at a high speed. The birds attacked me, biting pieces of my hair off and pecking at my body. My sister as payback doesn’t help but sit there and laugh. The tables had turned. So many birds came at me that they managed to pick me up off the ground.



    After track practice one gloomy afternoon, my best friend and I at the time decided to explore an abandoned tunnel in Astoria Park. For some reason we decided that day was perfect as we had nothing better to do. To get to the tunnel, we had to hop a fence and walk along the rocky shore when the waves weren’t high. After walking about three or so minutes we reached the tunnel. The outside of the tunnel was wet and murky. In between the crevices of the graffiti-filled walls was moss growing. The tunnel was completely dark, but the end had a gate which was illuminated by light from outside. We ventured deeper and deeper into the tunnel until I started to have a gut wrenching feeling that someone was watching us. The hair on the back of my neck shot up and I just knew I had to run. Seconds later, we heard a screeching noise and at that moment my best friend and I knew we had to make a break for it and get out. As we ran we heard the gate at the end of the tunnel shaking, like a chain was being loosened. When we ran I could have sworn I heard footsteps chasing after us. Though we had come from track practice, we had to keep pushing until we reached the fence. We threw our bags over and hopped the fence and ran away without looking back.



    Ryan and Kayla are childhoods friends who are attending Dozo Highschool and are currently in their senior year. “ Hey, the senior trip is approaching. Are you going to go?” Kayla asked. “I’m not sure, I heard the senior trip is expensive, and not many people I know are going.” Ryan replied. “Aww that sucks, I heard this year we’re supposed to be going to Italy.” Kayla replied. Ryan’s eyes peeked “Italy!? Damn no wonder it’s so expensive. Italy is a nice place many places you can see over there.” “Yeah, it’s so worth it, an all-illusive trip to Italy with many spots to visit.” Kayla replied. “Yeah, I may have to reconsider. I’m hoping we’ll be able to visit the Vatican City in Italy, I’ve always wanted to see it with my own eyes.” Ryan said. “ Hopefully. That place sounds interesting I’d like to visit it as well. I also know that designer is cheaper over there, I’m interested in that.” Kayla Said. “Yeah, however that price is quite steep. I’ll have to see what I can do.” Ryan said. Weeks have passed and the trip is right around the corner. “Hey Ryan, have you made up your mind on whether you gonna go on the trip or not?” Kayla Asked. Ryan pulls out a pocket full of cash. “Damn, that’s a lot of money… What have you been doing these past weeks? Kayla Asked. “Yeah, during these few weeks I’ve been working unsolicited jobs nonstop.” “ The amount of work I had to put in was ridiculous. But at least now I’ll be able to go on the trip” Ryan Said. Both Ryan and Kayla smiled at each other and said “We out to Italy!”


    Alexander Lumbres

    Love From A Far
    An old woman who began her days in a pizza store. She first began by cleaning from the start of the table to the far right and the end to the far left. Ending her cleaning routine she would then wait for everyone to arrive and open the store. After 30mins, the first 5 workers have arrived and begun their day at work by setting the kitchen up for the first dish to be served to the customers. While it is daily work as a pizza worker, the old woman who goes by auntie was checking out her customers to make sure they get their meal correctly till at some point she notices a cute girl and boy enjoying their time at a table.
    Auntie monitors their behavior as it was really entertaining seeing two little cute kids enjoying their time at her store. The two kids enjoyed the food so much that they would often come back together which reassures Auntie’s heart as she has something to wait for. Time passes as auntie stayed and watch the two kids become teens. The kids’ relationship began getting closer and closer to where she found out that the boy confessed her feelings to the girl during one of their visits. Reassuringly the girl says yes, which completely exploded this auntie’s heart for the two kids.
    It was 15 years ago that auntie has been monitoring the kids who have now become adults. While auntie was getting closer to her retirement date, she still kept her energy to keep working. While the couple who have become adults have aged so well throughout auntie’s time at her work, they’ve also been more distant at her place until one day. The couple came back with the biggest smiles as they bought ordered the meal they always go for. While during her order, auntie sees that the women’s hand had something shimmering. Auntie didn’t take much attention as it was a sunny day, but later on, what she thought was the sun was actually something brighter and prettier. It was a ring, a diamond ring that shimmered the bright light. This overwhelming joy put auntie at ease as her time in the pizza store wasn’t simply for work, but also to watch as two little kids grew up to be grooms in their future.


    Carolyn Cruz

    A scary walk home

    At the age of 16, I decided to go and visit my aunt and cousins one afternoon but since it was already a cold winter day in New York that meant that by around 5 pm it was already pretty dark outside. I had taken the bus that leaves me by the supermarket by their house but there was this other man who we can call Bob. Bob was looking at me from head to toe the entire ride which made me feel super uncomfortable. As it go to the point where it was my turn to get off, I step off the bus and as I turn around I see that so does Bob. I walk through the Supermarkets parking lot and I see that Bob is walking in that same direction. He comes closer to me and says “Hello beautiful, what is your number” to which I replied with just “No”. Bob then says ” You can give me your number, I won’t ever call you, Where do you live?”. I felt scared and I walked away faster. I knew not to talk the direction in which my family lived so I tried to turn to the brightest block and where I saw the most people. I walked very fast where I was able to make a turn that BoB didn’t see. I ran to my aunts very scared and I was scared to return home alone in case Bob was still around. After a few weeks go by, I run into Bob again on my way back from school, all he did was look at me as the train doors were closing when he stepped out of the cart.



    The Great Escape

    Tom and Dean, two adventurous friends that roam the streets of New York City, decide to go explore one of the eerie underground sites in Manhattan. At the end of their casual school day, they execute their plans of exploring the site. Countless hours of planning led up to their final decision of exploration with a couple of other friends. They head towards the nearest subway station, in transit to the planned site. Upon arrival, the streets seemed rather empty considering they were right in the middle of Manhattan. They enter through a side entrance of the building and they decide to explore beneath the building first. As they walk down the stairs, they are greeted with spiderwebs, dust, and random insects that have probably been inhabiting the area for months. Pushing through doors, walking down long hallways and entering rooms as they walk by, they seem to notice that this was no ordinary building. Every room down the halls had a number at the top of the door, and inside the rooms seemed to have some documentation for random people. The documentation showed the health records of the random people, along with what seemed to be test tubes that still held liquids in them. They continue to stroll down the halls, until they hear the sounds of the stairway creaking behind them. They make sure that they’re all together and no one was left behind. As the unknown entity makes its way down the stairs, the group of friends hear slight murmuring. Uncertain of what it may be, they run down the hallway until they reach the end.

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