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    My friend and I always recall our trip flying to Seattle, Washington to see my cousin who just left the military. We spent a few days out there in Washington living life on our own and it was a great experience. After, we drove all the way home the west side of Seattle heading east to New York. On the way back we were forced to call Airbnb due to us all being tired. We were in the middle of nowhere in Montana. All we could view was a bunch of dirt and land. We were skeptical of this Airbnb being in the middle of nowhere. We even got lost trying to find the address and drove into a junkyard full of dogs. Once we finally found the correct address, it turned out to be a trailer. We were disappointed however we already paid, so we had to settle with what we got.
    The first 15 minutes and we were having second thoughts. We were starving and the nearest McDonalds was an hour away. The owners were nice enough to give us some snacks and leftover salad, although it wasn’t much. After, we just sat in the room with nothing to do, no internet or tv or games. At least we had each other, it’s better than going through this on your own. Then soon after the weather made a drastic change and it was gusty and pouring. The window flew apart and rain starts pouring inside the trailer. This was ridiculous. To top it off in the distance we saw a huge tornado. This was our first time seeing a tornado so close. We were barely able to get any sleep. We were done at this point. We called the owner and let them know we’re gonna take an early leave, we had enough rest and we were out. We wasted a few bucks as we didn’t even stay till the night only for a few hours. We left Montana and never looked back.
    Based on reading Carolyn’s story, she tells us about a situation with a neighbor who likes to leaves his suitcases near the apartment’s garbage bins which are likely not approved by the landlord. However, the neighbor is bold and feels to do what he wants and continues to place their suitcase near the garbage bins. They even went through the measure of getting a huge mat to cover over their suitcases in the middle of the night which is crazy.



    One of the many stories that was told repeatedly was the story where my father was waiting for a parking spot at the local supermarket. As the car that was parked was backing out, another car came from the other side and waited as well, however that driver did not know my dad was waiting on the other side first. Since the parked car was backing out and going into the direction of the other car, my dad was able to enter first. The car that was waiting to park on the other side did not know and he started an alternation with my dad. The car continued to honk endlessly until we got out of the car to explain to the guy what had happened.

    The driver in the car kept trying to explain how he was the “first” to wait for the spot, which wasn’t the case at all. My dad had to explain that the driver must have pulled up as the car was backing up and he did not see my dad waiting however the driver was very stern on his belief that he was there first. This was also during the holidays which made it a bigger deal than it should have been since most people were trying to purchase food for the holidays. The altercation went back and forth until the driver started to act very hostile. He got out of the car and started screaming even louder and threatened to fight my family. After nearly 10 minutes of the altercation, the driver simply just got back in the car and drove away to try and find a different spot.

    In Ron’s story, he spoke about his trip. There were a few things that happened in his story. One of the few things that occured was that he ordered an Airbnb, but unknowingly having it turn out to be a trailer since they were in the middle of nowhere. The trailer was very fragile and due to bad weather conditions, it leaked inside and caused discomfort. With the bad weather conditions also came a tornado.



    She was found in a trash can behind the mosque late at night. My brother spent about two hours trying to get her inside a box so he could take her to get settled in her new home. Her fur, white as snow, was dirty, her skeleton was visible throughout her body, and she was overall terrified. She was only about two months old at the time, but we planned for her to stay the rest of her life with us. She was a kitten with the most mesmerizing green eyes I had ever seen. We named her Luna, after the full moon she was found under.

    That night, we washed her up and fed her. She would have to stay in the cardboard box with a blanket that night; as no pet shops were open for another few hours. She cried the entire night; like there was something of hers we left behind. Luna cried and meowed until 4:00AM and then it went silent– unusually silent. I thought she may have tired herself out from the wailing, until I went to go check on her. She was wide awake just staring at me, or rather behind me.

    We had a photo framed of my sister and her cat on my desk. Her cat, Loki, is black with yellow eyes. Luna noticed this and jumped on the desk. She started scratching and meowing and the photo– like she was trying to tell me something. It then hit me. I woke my brother up and told him we have to go back to the mosque. He was confused at my urgency but understood as soon as I told him. We dug through the garbage behind the mosque, but found nothing. Until I noticed an old mattress with a hole in it across the street w. As soon as we approached the mattress we heard it– meowing. Luna had a sister left behind– a black cat with a set of mesmerizing green eyes. We smiled and knew what had to be done.

    Reply to Brendan’s story:

    In Brendan’s story, he discusses the altercation between a driver and his family. During the holidays, it is usually busy in shops and hard to find parking due to the overwhelming amounts of people trying to get the stuff they need. Sometimes people do not understand this and make it difficult for others to complete their tasks.

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    Alexander Lumbres

    I arrived at my home to see my partner sitting on the bed happily looking at an image of some sort on her phone. As I got closer to her, she immediately put her phone away and converse with me about going out tomorrow for a little walk. I was hesitant at first as it was my day off and I needed some real rest from work, but I reluctant agreed as she persuaded me with her smile. On the following day we sought out our studio apartment and head off on our walk.
    We at first headed to the mall that recently opened which was quite enjoyable at first, due to the environment in which it was located at. It was built around a very luxurious neighborhood that of course at my level wouldn’t be able to afford. Despite that little low mood, I regained it once more as me and my partner headed off to the stores that contained a variant of clothes and accessories which was delightful. After a little purchase here and there, my partner asked me to come along to a location. On the way, she seemed a little off as she started bringing things regarding our home. As we get closer to the destination, I start to see more of the scenery of these lavish environment that the upper middle class live in, which excites me as we move forward with my partner’s motives. I started to assume that what I’m about to witness is something big.
    As we got to the destination, she wanted me to come too, she at first said “we’re here” as I stare at this marvelous mansion that is just by my eyes. I was excited, thinking we were moving out to a new home as lavish as the ones around the mall. As I start to walk forward to the mansion, my partner interrupts me and says “babe, that’s the wrong way”. She then started to walk of on her way which I followed. She started walking the side of the house which I was still in excite, however this excitement began to shrink as I see a small old school cabin just behind the mansion. This excitement just dropped to a sort of pleasing yet disappointing mood as I smile to my partner.

    Reply to Tania:
    – The story was about a new cat she adopted and brought to her home. As the hrs pass by, they notice that the cat has been crying for a while unknowing of the cause. As time passes, the kitten noticed a frame that has a picture of a different cat. While it is a different cat, the cat nicknamed Luna who she adopted took notice of the cat and approached the frame and began scratching the frame like it is somewhat related to her. The owner of the cat took notice of Luna’s action and asked the owner of the cat on the frame to head back over to the place luna was found. From there she looked around and fortunately found the very reason luna was crying, which was becuase she was missing her sister on the photo which the owner found at the place she adopted her.


    Ahsham Nasir

    The boy ran to the only doctor in this village, knowing he wouldn’t be in his clinic yet since it was only 9:40am. He ran as fast as he could to the house following his mother directions which were “down the street turn left, take that street down 4 blocks and turn right, his house the second one on the right.” The boy half way there, crying, remembering what was waiting for him and the doctor at home, thinking of only getting to the doctor. Finally reaching the fourth block turned right, ran to the second house and repeatedly ran the bell, crying.
    Ding Dong, ding-dong, ding-ding dong. Ringing the bell vigorously yelling ”doctor open the door, please there is an emergency!” Finally the door opened, before the doctor could say a word, he saw the boy crying and uttered “give me a minute to grab my briefcase.” Starting his motorcycle, the boy guided the doctor to his house, where he found the tragedy that was his brother laying on the floor.




    20 years ago my aunt who was 15 at the time was packing up my things since she was babysitting me for the weekend because my mom was pulling double shifts back to back at the hospital and my dad was in Haiti for a funeral. It was a Monday morning sometime around 7 am and she wanted to drop me off early enough, maybe around 8 am, for her to put me to sleep and wait for my mom to come home so she can leave for work and be on time. Usually coming back from a double shift my mom would be home around 8:30 the earliest or 8:45 the latest. Being that my aunt was such a punctual person she was rushing a lot to make sure she had all my things packed and all her work things packed so she could be on time for work.

    Finally she was ready to leave to bring me back home, she called for a taxi and waited outside for about 5 minutes for our ride to come. I was sound asleep in the carseat as she buckled me in, she set my baby bag and her work bag down on the floorboard and she buckled herself in and gave the directions to my house. About 30 minutes later my aunt and I were finally in front of my house. Rushing out she gave the taxi driver his money thanked him, grabbed her work bag and my baby bag got got out of the car and closed the car door.

    Setting the bags down on the sidewalk right in front of my house with her back to the car, as the car drove off she felt as though something was off, turning around in horror she screamed realizing that she left me in the car. Her legs started moving faster than she could think chasing after the car screaming “TAXI” she chased after the car for what felt like forever, finally managing to catch up with the car as it wasn’t moving as fast since it was a school zone she reached her hand out banging on the car, the driver finally noticed and stopped.

    Opening his car window he asked her what her issue was, gasping for air she pointed at the back where I was in my carseat sound asleep. Letting out a chuckle he told her how quiet I was and didn’t realize I was still there. My aunt took me out the car and thanked him a million times, and walked down the block back to my house even though just a few minutes ago it felt like a marathon track to her. Sighing as she picked our bags up in one hand and gripped my carseat in the other we were finally in the comfort of my home.
    (This story that has been told so many times that I feel like I can remember it which is impossible because I was only a few months at the time. It’s told so often that my mom told the whole family again at my birthday dinner just last week Thursday. I can’t escape it lol.)

    ~~Reply to Ron
    Reading Ron’s story this was about his disastrous time in Montana with his friends. They were all tired and needed a place to rest for the night so they ordered an airbnb, but when they got to the Airbnb things took turn for the worse. It was a trailer and even worse the weather got horrible, they experienced a tornado for the first time up close and they couldn’t even bother to sleep so they had to leave. It was a trip that had just gone wrong


    Isaiah Ortiz

    I always remembered when I was younger, my father had his friends at his house more often than in recent years. For years whenever I saw them they would call my father “Cheeseburger”, and I never asked why. Then one day his friends told me the story of how he got that name.

    The story started when my father and his friends were roughly 10 years old. Coincidentally they attended the same Elementary School that I attended 17 years later. At the cafeteria, they served the same cheeseburgers and fries that I was later forced to eat. Although neither of them remembered exactly what was said, all they remembered was that it was enough to make my father angry. So much so that he ended up grabbing the cheeseburger and with all his strength he threw it at the teacher. Everyone in the cafeteria laughed after seeing the teacher get a first-hand experience of how bad the cheeseburgers were as one hit her in the face.

    Of course, my father was suspended after the incident and had to apologize to his teacher afterward. When he came back from suspension all his friends would tease him about what he had done. They started calling him “Cheeseburger” and laughed at him for it. To this day 32 years later whenever I see my father’s friends they would often remind me of his behavior as a child and how he would come to be known as Cheeseburger.



    Sometimes for a quick laugh I ask my friend about a funny story involving his brother in grade school. I haven’t asked him in a while so the details are a little fuzzy and the circumstances might not be exactly as accurate as I remember. Regardless though it still sticks with my because of how specific it is.

    From what I recall, it was late in the school year so he and his classmates didn’t really have anything to do so they could all watch something on the TV or smartboard in the classroom. The majority of the class wanted to watch Goosebumps for the end of the year celebration, however my friend’s brother was scared of the show. Much to everyone else’s disappointment the class was forced to watch Veggietales instead.

    Based on Ron’s story, he tells us about the time he took a rather unsavory trip to Seattle. It starts with making a mistake on directions, to ending up at a dumpy trailer for their stay, midway they get some leftovers from a McDonalds. after the somber moment of getting some leftovers they’re hit with a 180* change in weather as a violent storm/tornado system comes their way


    Stephany Pena

    One summer, my sister and I went to Ecuador to get to know more about our parents’ families. This was our first ever visit to the country and we were by ourselves as our parents could not return at the time. My sister was 11, and I was 7. Our time was split between being in Cuenca, where my dad’s family lives and Tambo where most of my mother’s family lived at the time. The most ever contact we had were calls on the phone, we barely saw any photos of their current selves. When we got off the plane, we were greeted by my father’s mother, his sister and my cousin, while my mom’s whole family decided to come. My sister and I looked at each other, confused on what came next after this big welcome. My sister let me choose who to go with, so I went with mom’s family since they were the ones I heard over the phone the most. My sister then chose to go with my father’s family to make sure they had one of us with them. We were separated for a day to let ourselves rest from the plane and car ride.

    Back in the US, we were able to see both sides of the family quite easily, but that wasn’t the case in Ecuador. Cuenca, despite it being the third largest city, was rural. There were dirt roads everywhere and houses were being made. Living in the US, all I saw was buildings. So this change of environment called to my adventurer spirit. Unfortunately, my parents’ did not warn their family about my love for adventure and my ability to get lost quite easily. One moment in particular was when we went to a park with my father’s family. My sister pulled me aside and warned me, “stay close”. She usually followed me around to make sure I didn’t get lost everywhere we’d go. However, my adventurer spirit grew weary of her overprotectiveness and learned how to give her the slip. At the park, it was all grass, there were no swings, no slides, no jungle gyms. It was all open land! My eyes sparkled and before I could take one step, my sister tugged me by the sleeve and pointed at the place where we were setting up to hang out. I pouted at her and walked with her.

    In the distance, I saw a big tractor. I never saw one in real life before. My adventurer spirit told me I needed to go there. When I saw my sister was distracted, I left and went over to the tractor. I climbed up to get inside and sat in the tractor. It was an abandoned tractor so I couldn’t turn it on but that didn’t stop my imagination of riding it around. Eventually, I had enough fun and wanted to get down. While I was able to climb up to the tractor, I wasn’t able to climb down. I was stuck! I remember not being worried because I was still able to see my family but they couldn’t see me. They were panicking that they couldn’t find me. “Estefany!”, “Estefania!” and my sister’s one yell “Stephany!” as they tried to find me. Eventually, my cousin found me and helped me down. My parents were not happy at all when they found out they lost sight of me, and for the remainder of the trip, they made sure to hold my hand. That was simply the beginning of how much of a wild spirit I was to them.


    Tanjim Ali

    Family is everything in our life. Everyday we have to face so many difficulties, work hard to make some money. But at the end of the day it is worth it when you meet your family. Every person in the family is the reason for you to leave a life and be happy for everyone we love. Sometimes if you don’t have your own child, but you love and care for someone else’s children more than your life. Because you know the feeling of not having your own child. I remember that someone I know has the same life story that was never told. A long time ago when I was in my country and having a good time with my full family. My father and my uncle live together at the same house. My uncle and his wife don’t have a child. We are the only child in our family. My aunt is the best friend and best sister to my mom and they respect each other. My aunt doesn’t have any children and we are the only child in our family. We are the eight siblings and we are everything to my uncle and aunt. They love us more than their life. When we were babies my aunt took care of and fed us, we grew up in her hand with her love and care. If one of my siblings gets sick, my aunt gets worried about us more than my parents. She stayed all night weak and took care of us and made us feel comfortable. I never see someone so selfless like them that cares for someone else’s child. They never make us feel alone and they always make us feel happy and healthy. We are lucky to have them in our life.

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