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  • Parctipation Activity, Session 15: Writing Story through Dialogue
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    Rajeen Khadka

    The Day before the trip to Niagara Falls

    “Ooh I’m so Excited for our trip guys.” John
    “Did we get everything we need?” Paul
    “I think so, If anything we’ll just get it on the way.” Sam
    “Alright, lets head out early tomorrow so we can get there before the sun sets.” Paul
    “I’m not looking forward to the drive though.” John
    “Yeah me too, its gonna take us at least six hours to get there.” Sam
    “The first day we’ll probably be very tired to go out. Lets just check in to our Airbnb and rest. Then we
    can go check out the waterfall the next day.” John
    “Have you guys ever been there?” John
    “I have and its very beautiful. There is a place where you get on a boat and the boat will take you very close to the falls. Its a very good experience.” Sam
    “Nice.” John
    “Also don’t forget to bring your passports. We can go check out Toronto if we want. Paul
    “Wow! I can’t wait for tomorrow then” John
    “As for our expenses, I will use my card to pay for everything on this trip and we just divide it equally when we get back” Paul
    “Sounds good to me” Sam
    “Ok guys then I’ll pick you guys up at 8am sharp. You guys better not make me wait” Sam


    Tanjim Ali

    Best friends are going to meet after a long time.
    “It’s been five years since I left New York. I really miss you everyday” Fahim.
    “I miss you too, remember those days we were going to school together” Samsad.
    “Yeah, those days are the best days in my life” Fahim.
    “I hope if we can go back to those days, we used to have so much fun” Samsad.
    “Yeah, I hope so” Fahim.
    “How are you doing these days, are you doing good in your college” Samsad.
    “Yeah, trying to survive my new life, and get the bachelor degree as soon as possible” Fahim.
    “Are you going to get a break this summer?” Samsad.
    “Yes, I will have one month break before semester starts again” Fahim
    “If you are free this summer, can you come to New york for the vacation and meet with me” Samsad.
    “Ok, let’s meet this summer, I will come to New york In this summer to meet you” Fahim.
    “That would be great. We will meet at our favorite place and hang out sometime” Samsad.
    “I am really looking forward to it. I am really excited to meet you like old times when we meet” Fahim.
    “Do you remember our favorite place?” Samsad.
    “Yes, McDonald’s at the northern boulevard, we go there everyday after school and have a chicken sandwich and drink” Fahim.
    “You remember everything, I hope we have this moment back” Samsad.
    “Past is the past, But at last if we can meet again and spend some time together” Fahim.
    “I will be waiting for you to come visit me this summer” Samsad.
    “I will, until then you stay safe and take care of yourself” Fahim.
    “You too, see you soon” Samsad.
    “See you soon my friend” Fahim.



    Two students, Tom and Dean, skip school to go explore around NYC skyscrapers.

    Tom : “Are you sure the fire alarms won’t be set off?”
    Dean : “Don’t worry, I’ve done this plenty of times. We’ll just exit the school through the back so we don’t get caught.”

    Tom and Dean safely exit the school without alarming any of the faculty and head towards the city. They both visit the first building they plan on exploring.

    Tom : “Is this the entrance that’ll get us to the top of the building?”
    Dean : “Yeah, this will lead us directly to the top of the building and from there we can just take pictures or do whatever. We’ll just have to be careful about making too much noise.

    Tom : “Sounds good, I’ll try and take a picture of the sunset. Everyone looks like ants from so far up.”
    Dean : “Don’t get too queasy look down there, it’s a steep drop.”
    Tom : “Yeah, that’ll help me feel less sick for sure. Thanks”

    Tom and Dean continue to take their pictures and as night approaches, they start to pack up to leave. On their way to the exit, one of them accidently trigger the alarm…

    Tom : “I may have pushed the door a little bit too hard…”
    Dean : “Yeah no kidding, the alarms for the entire building are going off and there’s security cameras right around the corner.”
    Tom : “I think our best bet is to just make a run for it with hoodies over our heads. Hopefully security won’t catch us in time.”
    Dean : “Let’s make a run for it, I’ll head out first and you follow me. We’ll take the shortest path as long as I remember it correctly.”

    Both Tom and Dean sprint out of the roof and around the corner to the nearest exit. There are no security guards in sight as they continue to run down the stairs. As they approach the main floor, they are approached by two security guards.

    Security Guard 1 : “Were you two gentlemen sneaking up on the roof? The fire alarms were triggered and that has never happened from anywhere in the building but the roof.”


    Ahsham Nasir

    “Bro that’s not where we need to go,” said Uzzi and he came to a stop on Park Row, “where you going my guy.”
    “Bruh, I told you we gotta go to South Street, and that’s where we’re going, I replied as I also stopped to look back.
    “Nah bro we’re definitely going the wrong way South Street is up this way,” Uzzi quickly replied cutting me off.
    I quickly responded trying to cut him off as well “Bro I hate when you do this I know this is the right way, we’re gonna do down this way to Fulton, then we gonna turn left on Fulton and we’ll be at the place.”
    “Nah bro,”
    “what you mean,”
    “Bro im telling you we’re going the wrong way,”
    “Alright then Mr-Know-it all tell me where we need to go?”
    “Hold up,” Uzzi uttered as he went into his pocket to grab his phone.
    He started to type on his phone and said,” Ai so we need to go 2 blocks this way to Broadway and then turn left we go straight 4 blocks.”
    “My guy are you serious right now that’s exactly what I said”
    “I said were gonna go down this way to Fulton,” I replied as I started getting mad, “and turn on Fulton.”
    “oh yeah your right bro, my bad,” Uzzi replied as he apologized.
    “Bro you got me messed up, I know where I’m going, “I uttered as we started walking again.
    “Yo when does the party start again,” Uzzi questioned
    “It starts at ten”
    “At ten, but its just about to be none bro?”
    “Yeah but we need to meet Arthur at nine and go get the car from garage”
    “Okay so what we doing till ten”
    “Dude did you even read the chat”
    “Bro just tell me I forgot”
    “Ai so w’re meeting Arthur at nine and then were getting the car from the garage by nine fifteen, cause he has my keys.”
    “Alright then,”
    “Then we’re gonna drop him off back home, he’s gonna come on his car with Bella, then we gotta drive to go get Yasmin and Shina from the east side, then we’re all meeting back at South Street, ” I responded.
    “Are we gonna have time to do all of that,” Uzzi questioned
    “Bro just shut up and walk,” I uttered as we turned on Fulton.
    “Nah bro seriously, if the party is at ten we only got an hour.”
    “Yes I know, so what you mean,”
    “What I mean, is what if we don’t get there on time you know traffic, its Saturday night as well”
    “Bro we’re gonna have enough time don’t worry too much about it.”
    “Alright bro if you say so,” Uzzi replied as we started to walk faster since we only has two minutes left to meet Arthur.


    Carolyn Cruz

    Two friends who attend different Colleges

    “Hey girl how have you been?”
    “Hey love, I’ve been good, how about you?”
    “I been alright, stressed with school”
    “Yes totally, We should meet up when we both free”
    “I should be back to New York this weekend”
    “Omg, we should go for dinner on a saturday, because I be at work most of the time”
    “Yes because there is so much that I have to tell you”
    “Me too and take my mind off school”
    “I miss being back at home so much”
    “Really? You don’t like the change”
    “No definitely not, everything over here is boring no social life”
    “Well girl I stood home for college and I honestly regret it”
    “Yes I need a break from this everyday New York life lol”
    “ But if you leave watch you miss everything just like me”


    Isaiah Ortiz

    John goes to a rooftop to comfort his friend Damon

    “Hey. Are you ok?” Asks

    “No. Well…….Not really anyways.”

    Damon turns to John “Wanna have a seat and enjoy this view with me?”

    John smirks “I guess it’d be a shame not to enjoy such a view of the city”

    John takes a seat on the edge “But, you gotta tell me what’s got you down.”

    “You ever just jump into a decision without thinking about it? Then realize the longer it goes on the more it seems like a bad idea.” Damon asks.

    “Well I’ve done a lot of things that most people would say is a bad idea if that’s what you mean,” John replies.

    “Oh really? Most people?”

    “Fine. A few people.”

    Damon chuckles. “Yea I won’t argue with that. So, how do you fix it? Make it as if it never happened without anyone getting their feelings hurt?”

    “Unfortunately you can’t. You just have to be honest about the situation, what you did and why you did it then figure out what to do next. Maybe that person will forgive you and may even have more respect for you for approaching things upfront with humility. Or, they can hate you and you have to live with that, but that part is up to them so you’ll never know what’ll happen afterward until it happens.”

    “Wow. Look at you being all deep and philosophical,” Damon responds

    “I have my moments”

    “Well, at least now I have a better idea of what I’m going to do. Too bad it won’t be easy.”

    “Hey it wouldn’t be life if it was filled with quick fixes and easy choices” John responds

    “Ok stop because you’re scaring me now”

    Both of them laugh while looking into the horizon




    “So how was your four days off from work?” I asked.

    “It was good. I spent my time in nature and just finding myself. I really needed those days off.” Harley seemed content. A little too content.

    “You know, Sabrina has been missing as soon as you left.” I dropped the bombshell.

    “What? What are you talking about?” It was like he was defensive even before I accused him of anything.

    “Harley, Sabrina has been missing for the last four days. You were the last one with her. It is also kind of really odd you went on a “vacation” out of nowhere— without her. Since you two are practically joined at the hip.” I told him.

    “What are you trying to say?” He questioned me back.

    “You know they found it in the compartment inside your bedside drawer. They honestly wouldn’t have if they didn’t start knocking on the inside to hear the hollowness of the drawer.”

    “Shut up. You don’t know what happened. Or what I went through.” Harley said angrily.

    “What exactly did you go through; that you had to literally stab Sabrina fourteen times and finish her off with—

    Harley cuts me off and starts screaming at me

    “SHE DESERVED IT!” He yells

    My eyes watered. “I can’t believe you murdered my sister.”
    “No one’s life is worth taking over for a hopeless reason,” I added.

    “Your whole family can be with her too. Starting with you.” He was about to go into a fit of rage but he noticed something in my pocket.

    “Is that a wire?” He asked.

    “Yes, Harley. You’re going to pay the time you owe. See you in court.”

    The lights outside our window flashes red and blue and the police break open the front door. Charging at Harley and putting him in cuffs.

    I start to bawl. Harley’s condemnation can never replace the hollowness in my heart of my deceased sister.

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