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  • Parctipation Activity, Session 15: Writing Story through Dialogue
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    Jennifer Sears

    Sometime before the end of day on Monday, Oct. 25, write 10-15 lines of dialogue, using the instructions in this post: Writing Story through Dialogue
    Also refer to the To-Do List for Session 15:



    Is he ready for love?
    Date night
    “Hey I’m outside,” said the boyfriend
    “ Is outside cold “ girlfriend
    “No, but you do know you gave a wheaten app”
    “Well you already outside that’s why I ask”
    Door open.
    “Hey babe”
    “Hi mama, you look gorgeous”
    “What made you want to go on a date”
    “I just want to hang out with you it’s been a while we’ve both been busy “
    “I agree I’m happy you came up with the idea”
    “Where are you taking me?”
    Both laughing.
    “No, but we are going to the Cheesecake Factory”
    “Aww my favorite restaurant”
    “ Would you like me to fill up your thank”
    “No, I’m ok”.
    “ I know we just started dating But I love you”
    “ thank you I like you too, but I’m not ready for the love word yet”


    Nathaly Morocho

    Love at first sight:
    It was a beautiful morning in New Zealand. Sarah was walking towards her destination. Her destination being La Amor cafe. When she accidentally bumped into someone.
    “I’m so sorry I should have watched where I was going” she said.
    “It’s fine I should have also watched where I was going” someone said.
    They both looked up and saw who they bumped into. They felt like they were caught in a different universe which is just them and nobody else.
    “H—h-hi I’m sorry” Sarah said stuttering
    “I-I-it’s fine I’m sorry as well” the person said
    “My name is Sarah” she said blushing
    “Hi my name is Wendy” Wendy said also blushing
    “Nice to meet you Wendy” Sarah said blushing even more
    “Nice to meet you too Sarah” Wendy said blushing
    “Hope we get so see each other again” Sarah said about to walk
    “Wait” Wendy said
    Sarah looked at Wendy and waited for her to say something
    “Yes?” Sarah asked
    “I know we just met and all, but I would like to get to know you if you don’t mind can I take you out sometime?” Wendy asked
    “Sure I don’t mind” Sarah said
    After that, Sarah and Wendy became close as ever


    There were three best friends who were planning to go to the jungle for an picnic. Their name was Alex, Tom, and Pitter.
    “let’s go for an trip to the jungle” Alex
    “why jungle, we could go somewhere else, but if you both agree to go to jugle then I will go with you guys” Tom.
    “ yaaaa, let’s go to jungle, I guess that going to be advancers and full of thrill” Pitter.
    “o I live advancer and I believe there are no other place is advancers than jungle” Alex.
    “ok, when we going and who driving, I don’t trust Alex he was about to get into a big accident and kill me” Tom.
    “Haaa, don’t worry I will drive and I will take my new jeep wrangler because it’s good for those type of rode trip” Pitter.
    “So , tomorrow we are leaving at 5 am for the John Muir Wilderness.” Alex
    Good idea replied both.
    “why you both so late I am waiting for you guys. You both are never on time” Pitter.
    Sorry Alex and tom replied.
    “It’s still dark and last night it was raining so drive carefully.” Tom
    “Lol, why don’t you drive since you have problem with everyone’s driving.” Alex.
    “Can you both stop if you both argue like that I will really get into an accident” Pitter.
    “Ok changing the topic” Alex
    “ So what we have for food, pitter did you bring the chicken soup can” Tom
    “yes, I did check right side of my red beg, Dame I can’t break the car, my car break is not working. “ pitter.
    Helpppp all three of them yell and their their car fall 100 feet down from the top of the hill and they died.



    There were two friends named David and George, they decided to go ice skating since they figure it would be fun.

    “ice skating seems like something fun to do, all we do is play video games lets try something new, to get me out of my comfort zone i, guess,” says David.

    “I feel that ill pay for it and you pay for the food we eat afterward, cool?’ says George.

    “Yeah, that’s fine let’s catch the bus”.

    The two get to the rink and pay for the skates and learn how to skate

    “I’m going fast, like too fast and I don’t know how to slow down,” says George

    George suddenly runs right into another guy and gets knocked out cold.

    David yells “George your gonna be okay” echos are all George can make out

    George ends up in the hospital and David is there to comfort him however Georges mom is upset

    “How could you let this happen, David, don’t you ever…. And I mean ever speak to my son again” says the mother

    David leaves the room and breaks down crying and since that day feels he’s at fault and blames himself more and more.

    David ends up never speaking to George again for a year until he got a call from his mother and weight was lifted off his shoulders

    “David I apologize for what happened a long time ago, George hasn’t been right since, and I’m afraid that he will end up running away or something, I understand now I’m too overprotective”

    “It’s okay, tell him to meet me Sunday at the burger king in Edgehill”

    David and George meet and talk about their life and how they never thought an accident can lead to something like this.

    The two explained to each other they had felt alone for quite some time and were happy just to chill with each other once again.

    ‘I missed you, bro, I feel as though people think it’s easy to make new friends, and honestly, I just couldn’t, your the only person that kind of gets what I get through and isn’t fake” says George

    “Yeah, same here,” says David

    When it comes time to pay for the food George keeps his promise, on paying for the food after ice skating

    “It’s okay I got this one, I told you I would”



    It was nearing the end of our summer vacation and the beginning of classes. We’ve been so busy working we weren’t able to spend time with each other.
    “How did summer fly by so fast we barely hung out together and classes are about to start” – K
    “Honestly, after I got this job during the summer, the days have been flying by” – R
    “We should do something with whatever free time we got before classes start and kill us with work” – K
    “Facts, if you’d like we can go to Coney Island. It’s been a minute since we last went there.”- R
    “That sounds nice, it been about two years since we’ve been there.” – K
    “Yeahh, we can chill at the beach or ride the rollercoasters, or give you the works in arcade games.” -R
    “ Hahaha in your dreams, if they have bowling you’ll never be able to take me on.” – K
    “Is that a challenge I hear? Challenge accepted. How about we just go to Dave&Busters instead and I give you the works in real bowling.” – R
    “Oh you gonna regret accepting this my bowling skills be on point.” – K
    “ Alright since you are so confident how about if I win you buy us lunch” – R
    “ What do I get if I win?” – K
    “ I’ll acknowledge the fact that you won.” – R
    “Haha no. You gonna buy us lunch and buy me a strawberry cheesecake.” – K
    “Hmmm, I’ll take you on that deal. How does next Saturday sound?” -R
    “That sounds good I don’t have anything else planned around then.” – K
    “ Great. I’ll see you next week. Better get to training you gonna need it.” – R
    “ Pleasee. Can’t wait to eat that strawberry cheesecake you gonna buy me.” – K



    Hangout at the theatre
    Faisal: Hey! Long time no see, how are you!
    Hamza: I’m good what about you
    Faisal: Nothing much just been busy with college
    Hamza: Same but I really can’t wait to watch this movie called Batman vs Ironman
    Faisal: yea same who would have thought that this crossover of the two universes would happen!
    Hamza: it sucks that we have to watch an entire hour of trailers before the movie. I think they should ban them.
    Faisal: I think I disagree with you because I can know which movies are coming later in the future plus you can watch trailers on the big screen rather than on your phone or computer.
    Hamza: I mean yea anyways let’s not argue right now movie is about to start soon.
    Faisal: yea let me go grab some caramel popcorn with every bite I take it will make that crunchy sound, so I hope you don’t get annoyed with me eating next to you. I hope you don’t have Misophonia.
    Hamza: No, it’s all good, grab me a water bottle too when coming back and hurry up we have 3 minutes left!!!
    Faisal: let me be flash. I will be done in 60 seconds!! *haha*
    Hamza: you and your comic book references, not funny at all
    Faisal: sorry I’m late. I saw this pretty girl which also happen to be nerdy about marvel and dc universes she started talking about how she is watching the same movie with us. I guess we will see her after this movie.
    Hamza: of course, whatever you say *eyes rolling*. Well the movie just started so no big deal they had an issue with the audio, so they had to restart the movie from the beginning again
    Faisal: oh, okay perfect. Let’s dig in!!!


    Stephany Pena

    “What am I even doing here?” Mina sat at the table, waiting for her drink to cool down.

    The windchimes rang through the café as a man in a blue business suit surveyed the area and his eyes landed on Mina. “Mina! It’s good to see you. It’s been so long.”

    “Yeah, it’s been five years, Carter.”

    Carter let out a forced laugh and sat down. “You still can’t handle piping hot drinks?”

    Mina nodded. “It’s never been a strong suit of mine. I’d rather avoid getting burned.”

    The two sat in silence. Mina tapped the table, and Carter took note of the ring on her hand. “I suppose I should get to the point of why I’m here.”

    Carter handed over a small envelope. “I’d be grateful if you would come. After all, you were such a big part of my life.”

    “I… I’d have to figure out if I can.” Mina finished. “Is Lucia okay with this?”

    Carter looked away. “She doesn’t know about what happened.”

    Of course, he didn’t tell her. Mina slid the envelope back to him. “Life’s been pretty hectic nowadays. If this was all you wanted to say, I have to go back home.”

    “Mina, wait. I can’t tell her what happened. It would just cause trouble.” Carter grabbed her hand. “It was one night after all, five years ago.”

    Before Mina could respond, her phone rang. “Hello?”

    “Hi honey, are you still at the café?” Her husband asked. “Tommy and Leo really miss you.”
    “Yeah, I’m still here. I’m about to leave. The order is almost done and we can have a big celebration together as a family.” Mina smiled.

    “I’m glad we’re a family. I can’t believe they’re almost 4. I remember the day we met when they were one and called me daddy. They grow up so fast don’t they? Makes me feel lonely.” Her husband chuckled.

    “Me too. I’ll be home soon. See you later.” She hung up the phone.

    She turned to Carter, “If this is over, I’ll be leaving now.”

    Mina went to the counter and picked up the cake. On her way out, Carter asked. “Are you happy?”

    Mina gave one last smile and nodded. “Goodbye Carter.”


    Gabriel adjusts the tie that lay adorned on his mix-matched Armani suit, he takes a shallow breath before opening the doors of the meeting hall. Almost immediately the chatter-filled space dies down and silence blankets the room. Grabiel’s presence is alluring yet threatening, all of the men in the room acknowledge him with a simple nod and quickly divert their eyes. It wasn’t until Grabiel took a seat at the head of the large oak table, that one of the seated men spoke up,

    “Good Evening Boss, just like you requested Tao Jinsu.” The henchman said, gesturing to the barely conscious man seated at the opposite end of the table. His body sat slouched in the chair, arms, and legs bound by rope and mouth gagged by what seemed to be a torn t-shirt. It was barbaric, but some sick side of Grabiel enjoyed the sight.

    With a quick snap of his fingers, Grabiel spoke, “Very well, untie the man now, let’s get him to talk.”He commanded. The henchmen quickly sprung to action, removing the gag from the man’s mouth and untying his legs and arms. That action alone was enough to rouse Tao from his stupor. When he realized where he was, panic set in.

    ” Look I don’t know what this is all about, I’m a good guy I swear… I-i just got involved with the wrong people and dug me a deep hole. I can’t dig myself out without your help. I just need a bit of protection, that’s all Gabriel.” Tao begged with pleading eyes and a quivering lip.

    The large men gathered around the massive oak table seemed to be unfazed by the young man’s hysteria. Gabriel too didn’t feel even the slightest bit of sympathy for the guy. If Gabriel was a rookie, he probably would’ve fallen for this guy’s act. He was a good actor, that he could admit, but he wasn’t good enough.

    The man sitting adjacent to him goes by the name Dr. Oddball, Tao Jinshu depending on who you ask. Tao was a shady businessman who no doubt cheated his way to the top and in his haste likely messed up in trying to mask his dirty laundry. People like him disgusted Gabriel, sure he wasn’t much of a ‘good guy’ either but he didn’t lie and cheat. People like this man use the power and money they wield to ease through life. It was despicable, humorous even. The man noticed Gabriel’s grave and unwavering face and he immediately dropped his act, replacing it with a more whimsical expression. A dignified smirk even,

    ” Look, let’s cut the crap. I know you won’t help me without getting something in return, so I have another proposal, -” the man clears his throat before continuing, ” Word on the street is that you have a rivalry with a neighboring gang. You’d kill to get a little dirt on them wouldn’t you?” Tao gives Grabiel a weary smile before continuing,

    “Of course you would and I have all the information you need. I won’t talk for free so you should take up my offer. What do you say?” The man reasons, with a boastful smirk glued onto his face. Gabriel couldn’t lie, the offer was somewhat tempting, but he knew all too well about people like him. Never trust a man that would gleefully participate in racketeering.

    So Gabriel called his bluff and laughed right in his face, well a couple of feet from it. It wasn’t a forced one. The man shot him a confused face, looking mildly panicked at Gabriel’s antics. He half expected Gabriel to cave in, but clearly, he was mistaken.

    ” I don’t know what you take this organization for I don’t know what you take me for but this isn’t the witness protection program. We aren’t your guardian angels. I’m insulted- no appalled at your proposal. A bribe? You must think you’re in a freaking James Bond movie.” Gabriel says, his voice steady and smooth. He leaned forward to where his broad torso was leaning over the table. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

    Tao Blinked a few times as if he was convinced none of this was real. He stood up suddenly.
    ” You’ve now made it clear you have no intentions of helping me. But you’ve made a grave mistake in bringing me here..” Tao seethes. The henchmen drew their weapons in response to Tao’s threatening stance.

    Grabiel cleared his throat, now over the whole ordeal. “ No you’ve made a grave mistake in questioning my intelligence,” Gabriel turns to the lead henchman, “Throw him in the cellar, NOW,” Gabriel says, turning his back from the table. All that is heard are Tao’s screams of resistance and shuffling boots as he is dragged out of the meeting room.

    The man beside Gabriel was the first to crack, it started with muffled giggles, then morphed into full-on laughter. The rest followed shortly after, Gabriel joined in as well. The laughter lasted for about two minutes and in that short span of time, the tension seemed to dissipate. “I’ve never seen you look so serious, boss.”

    “Honestly, what was that guy thinking waltzing in here like that?” More laughter followed. Eventually, everything died down and everyone took it as the time to exit. Gabriel ran a hand through the mass of curls on his head as he glanced at his wristwatch; it was a quarter to six. Elizabeth, his wife, was probably waiting for him.


    Avida Sharma

    A girl and her friends in a call reminiscing about how her addiction to video games began.

    “Since when did you play video games? Last I recall you only played on your ds when you were 10”, my cousin Kiara asked.

    “Do you want the long answer or the short one?”, I asked.

    “SHORT”, 3 of my friends who were in the call with us shouted.

    “It began when I started dating my boyfriend”, I said.

    “You guys have been dating for so long, why is it all you guys do it play games? “, she asked confused.

    “This is how we spend our time together, back when we started dating we couldn’t see each other really”, I replied.

    “Why don’t you guys go out like regular people? Go eat at a nice restaurant or something”, she said.

    “It’s cause they’re lazy”, one of my friends responded while laughing.

    “We do go out to the movies and restaurants occasionally, but with our schedules this is the best way for us to spend time”, I responded.

    “I understand I’m assuming this also has to do with how it took you guys 2 years to tell his parents you guys were dating”, she said.

    “Yeah basically, I used playing video games as a way to get him to skype with me back then”, I responded.

    “Now she’s obsessed with playing these games, I catch her playing all the time by herself”, my boyfriend said while shaking his head.


    Kevin Ho

    The Hunted

    Martin: “Hey Tim, we been on this dumb piece of rock on Moose Hill from 9:00 am to 2 pm, I see no moose, buck, or doe!”
    Timothy: “Oh, here you go complaining again, can’t you say something else instead?”
    Martin: “All I see is greens, like trees tall enough to cover the sky and grass with rocks on top it.”
    Timothy: “Just wait another hour, then we leave.”
    Martin: “Another hour?!”
    Timothy: “Yes, another hour.”
    Martin: “You can’t be serious? For 5 hours, you haven’t even shot a thing!”
    Timothy: “Can you stop with you yapping? I said we will leave after 1 more hour!”
    Martin: “Fine suit yourself, looking down from this piece of rock, I am leaving.”
    Timothy: “Oh grow up! And, stop making that breathing sound like you are about to have a heart attack.”
    Martin: “Uhhhh, Timmm. Its tis not meee. WE HAVE A BEAR BEHIND US!”
    Timothy: “Holy! Eat this bullet you oversized mountain bear! I only got a shot gun with 2 more shells in my pocket. Do something Martin!”
    Martin: “I will go get the car!”
    Timothy: “Your useless car, can’t climb this rocky hill!”
    Martin: “I told you, let’s leave! Now we are both its lunch!”
    Ranger: “Duck! I hit 3 strong tranquillizer, this bear should be out for a while. You guys hurt?”
    Martin: “Whew. Nice aim from down there!”
    Timothy: “Martin, let’s go. I am done with this hunting stuff.”
    Martin: “Finally, we can go eat!”



    A brotherhood of steel paladin and scout are conversing about their findings in the commonwealth wasteland.

    “Paladin Stone, I’ve been doing some reconnaissance on the remains of the Medford Memorial Hospital” Scout

    “have you found anything there, or Anyone? Paladin Stone

    “All I could find in the way of technology were broken, unsalvageable terminals, but you’re not gonna
    be happy when I tell you who I saw there” Scout

    “spit it out, tell me what you saw!” Stone

    “I saw synths and lots of them, automatic laser rifles, combat armor” Scout

    Generation 1 Synth

    “Tell me scout, do you know what they were doing there?” Stone

    “From what I saw, they were just patrolling the area to look for and exterminate trespassers, as a matter of fact they almost saw me.” Scout

    “do you think we can take them on scout?” Stone

    “I know we can take these few on now, but you know the institute, they’ll have dozens more clanking all over the place” Scout

    “That is a fair point, but we can’t let them hold that ground forever, those damned machines aren’t natural!” Stone

    “Stone, if you’d like I can go in there and offline one or two and bring their heads back for us to analyze, maybe we can bring in a scribe to reprogram it as a double agent.” scout

    “Hmm, maybe that could work, however, I want you to do this only if you know you can, you know we’re spread thin as it is.” Stone

    “alright then stone, I’ll trek over there tonight, and we’ll get that institution drone’s head!” Scout

    “steel be upon you brother!” Stone

    (All Chant in unison)


    Shayanna Nicholls

    On a Northbound train to the end of the world, there in the mostly empty last car sat two children one drastically more pale than the other.

    Mneme: “Do you think the next visitor will side with you or with me?”
    Marat: “You don’t seem to sympathize with those that cling to you, yet you hate when they choose me?”

    Mneme: “…Marat, you didn’t answer my question.”
    Marat: “I think they will side with you then.”

    Scccccrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccchhhhhh! the sound of the breaks on the steam engine sounded and the trackless train stopped over a glistening and very vibrant city. The doors opened and a cold air flooded out and the cars in the front grew packed but the train did not take off until the very last person entered. It then resumed motion its previously quiet cars filled with transparent people asking questions. Along the corridors a lone old woman is seen making her way to the final car. She enters and meets the children who sat on opposite ends of the caboose choosing to sit next to the less pale of the two children previously called Mneme.

    Mneme smiled looking pleased and began “Where are you headed?”

    The old woman however was quiet and only looking out of the window, and Marat says “Where would you like to go?”

    The old woman then says “I cannot remember, but I know I want to go there.”

    Mneme angry that the woman didn’t answer her, simply glares at Marat who upon seeing her face decides to stay silent he didn’t mind losing but he did mind Mneme’s wraith and the skill she had in making a train ride miserable.

    The old woman seeing that Marat seemed to ignore her after her response turned to Mneme and asked “Do you know where this train is headed?”

    Mneme acting haughty states “I do not know where this train is heading but I can help you remember where you want to go.” she seems confident in something but the woman turns to Marat and asks ” Young boy do you know where we are headed?”.

    Marat who tried to avoid participation could not ignore the visitor’s choice and tears his gaze from the window to ask the woman “I can only tell you where you need to go, I cannot tell you where we are headed.”.

    The old woman almost yells “Please, dear boy tell me where I must go!” and we see Marat tell something to the woman before she hurriedly left the train at the next stop’

    Mneme at this point only stares off at the view outside of the window ,she stays silent as if she had been wronged.

    Mneme: “…”
    Marat: “Mneme, you cannot force these people to remember who they are, most of them are self driven.”

    Mneme: “But, she lived a happy life! Why wouldn’t she wish to return to it?”
    Marat: “If you strip someone of their memories all that is left is their character and then their character reveals their desires, that is our job.”

    Mneme: “But wasn’t her character good, I thought surely she would chose to go back?”
    Marat: “A person’s character may be good or bad depending on the circumstances where they applied, she could’ve been a ‘horrible’ person if in the right environment.”

    Mneme: “But-!”
    Marat: “Mneme you cannot force others to decide their fate, but you did win the bet.”

    Mneme: “Then because its my win, I ask that you spare that woman from purgatory.”
    Marat: “She will be reincarnated then, however her character will not change.”

    Mneme: “Let’s make a bet.”


    Alexander Lumbres

    Misfortune Fortune
    At a late shift event
    Alex: “OMG! So many celebrities in one spot! I’m so glad I chose this event to work”
    Clarence: “I know! Me too!”
    Alex receives a notification
    Alex: “Oh, I just receive an email from our boss about an event for tomorrow regarding a need for servers… and the former mayor will be there!”
    Clarence: “You have work tomorrow tho, how are you going to work for that event?”
    Alex: “it’s fine, I have a friend who can take my shift anyway. I can’t miss a chance meeting a former mayor of our state!”
    Clarence: “If you say so”
    Clarence shrugs his shoulders
    Captains ordered the workers to head to their stations
    End of the shift
    Alex: “Clarence, hurry up I don’t want to waste time getting home. It’s already 12am!”
    Clarence: “yeah yeah, I’m coming.”
    Alex and Clarence takes the train
    Alex: “OH! Before I forget, let me contact my friend about the event tomorrow.”
    Alex calls her friend
    Alex ends the call
    Alex: “Bruh, she said she doesn’t want to because she wants to do something else”
    Clarence: “HAHA You thought you really had the chance”
    Following day
    Alex takes her shift
    End of Shift
    Manager: “Good work today Alex, here’s your tip for today”
    Alex receives the tip
    Alex: “OMG! $300 for a 5hr event!”
    Manager: “Yes of course, today’s sales is over $10,000 Thanks to you and the other staffs. These are the tips you earned from such a simple task as a cashier.”



    Two coworkers working the overnight shift at a Mcdonalds.

    “Hey man is it just me or is something off” (Coworker 1)
    “bro what do you mean? Not sure what you’re talking about” (Coworker 2)
    “I’m not sure man. I just feel like something feels a little weird, I cant explain it.”
    “Dude, get a grip there’s nothing unusual going on. just get back to work”
    (A few bags of chips suspiciously fall onto the floor)
    “This is what I’m talking about man! stuff like this has been happening since we got here!”
    “I really think its just a coincidence. just put your headphones in and tune it out or something”
    “Okay fine, whatever”
    (coworker 1 puts headphones in. 5 minutes passes by)
    (the deep fryers start overflowing and exploding onto the ground)
    “What the fuck? Did Annie really put ice in the fryers as a joke? This is going to take hours to clean up.”
    “Annie! Where the fuck are you? Really funny prank, asshole! Now we have to stay longer to clean this up”
    “Annie! Where are you?!”
    (coworker 1 starts roaming the floor to find Annie. He sees her)
    “…Annie? oh my god.”
    (coworker 1 sees Annie levitating in the air, as if something is holding her up from her torso. Her arms and legs are dangling down her eyes are pure white)
    “Annie? What the fuck? how are you doing this?”
    ” Hello Beck!” Annie said, but not in her usual high pitched one, but a monotone low pitched voice that made shivers flow throughout your body.
    “Why don’t you come and play with me, Beck! PLAY WITH ME!” The deep voice coming from Annies mouth said.
    “Get the fuck away from me! Stay away!
    (Annie’s eyes change from pure white back to her normal hazel green, and she barely gets a few words out)
    “Beck… don’t look into its eyes…”
    (Annie’s eyes go back to a pure white)
    A large human like figure at least 8 feet tall makes its way out of the storage closet where the cleaning materials are kept.
    “Beck. Beck. Beck. Beck. Beck,” it started chanting, wall walking towards beck
    “Play with me, Beck. I’m lonely!”
    “Stay away! Stay the fuck away from me!”
    “But I’m just so lonely! Be my friend, Beck!” The figure says as it is walking towards Beck, who is frozen in fear.
    (The figure reaches Beck, and wraps his claw like hands around his head, and forcibly opens becks eyes with its fingers)
    “Be my friend! Wait, that’s not the word for it. Be my… food”
    (Beck looks into the eyes of the monster, and his eyes turn pure white. The monster opens is mouth like a snake, and goes for Becks head.)

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