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    Jennifer Sears

    Using the readings as today’s guide, consider the eight prompts in Writing About the COVID-19 Pandemic and brainstorm two paragraphs about your experience of the pandemic.

    Remember, you are encouraged to read your peers’ responses for ideas and can refer to ideas your peers have posted if you want. You can also edit your own post after you have published if it is still before the board closes.For attendance credit, post your response on this board before 10 am tomorrow, Wednesday, April 29.

    Write on!



    My daily life is all getting up, getting to class on time, doing homework and projects, and then trying out new stuff while I’m at home. At times, I feel as if this lockdown wouldn’t be necessary and we’d all get back to class next year but then there are people like Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio who just keep spouting out BS and tell us they won’t reopen for the next 5 years or so. So, I’ve gotten used to staying at home and watching shows on my laptop and doing homeworks and projects to alleviate my frustration. Normally, I would be more relaxed and happy when I get to class in person but this is just obnoxious. That is all I’ve learned from all this and staying at home for a month. I cannot take this quarantine any longer, and the longer I have to stay at home, the more my mind and body can never improve on. I can’t workout, I can’t stay at peace and I constantly have to make myself able to occupy myself until the end of the semester. If there is anything I would go for getting outside and keeping my body at a good build, it would be now. Trust me, this is all blowing out of proportions, and I want to get outside and appreciate everything I have and get a job this summer so I can earn money and give myself some responsibility on myself and myself only.


    Maryemilia Perez

    Because of this pandemic, I have lost my job as an assistant teacher for an afterschool program for the rest of the year, and like my classmates, school has been replaced by a laptop. The two biggest pieces of my daily life have been accommodated because of the pandemic and now I spend the majority of my days at home. When I am not at home I am at the supermarket or the pharmacy getting necessities for my family. These are the days I look forward to since it is kind of my excuse for getting a glimpse of the outside world for a few minutes. This excitement of going out is instantly turned into regret. As I stroll down the empty streets the few eyes I meet with on the way are filled with fear. It is a very scary and worrisome sight. At the supermarket, I walk down an aisle and see a man on the other side quickly change isles in order to avoid contact with me. I know well his reason for his action, I do this myself as well to respect the six fee distance recommended by authorities, but it does not take away from the feeling of sadness and slight embarrassment the situation has dropped onto me and I am sure millions of other people who might be experiencing this as this is something that has spread all over the world.
    Being completely honest, on the days I stay at home I have little to no motivation to do anything. School and my family is the only thing getting me out of bed. I have noticed this habit and I am trying my best to better myself and my mental health by doing one productive thing each day. School is getting extremely difficult and it is probably the main thing putting me down in these moments, but the semester is almost over so I am trying to push through it as well as better my quarantine routine. It is hard to balance school, the financial issues that I have been met with, and also deal with the harsh emotions that come when a family member is affected by COVID-19. But, with all of this, I have started to implement new things into my routine. Like making my bed as soon as I get out of it, tidying up one thing each day in my room, working out every day (which is not as bad as I thought it would be and I feel great after doing it, so if you’ve been thinking about it I highly recommend you do it), or making breakfast. Implementing simple things like this into my day has made things a little bit easier and it distracts me from the negative thoughts that our current situation brings with ease.


    Carlos Cabrera

    After the quarantine hit the city a lot has changed in my daily life. From being out for at least half of the day to not being able to see the sun light for two days straight, it was hard for the first three weeks but now is becoming more like a habit and even though i do not want to accept it i need to see all the positives things this has created and brought to my life, i can not lie about that. If i need to talk about somebody else’s lifestyle during this hard time, i should be able to talk about my brother. My brother is a truck driver over the road and his life had changed in a huge way during this COVID-19 period, he used to go over the road for 4 straight days or even 6 when it was necessary. Driving over 12-14 hour everyday, once the pandemic hit the country he lasted 2 weeks to come home, away from his wife and us, it was terrible for him because he was not prepare for it, he usually prepare food for a week, but staying out for two weeks, with limited access to take showers first because he doesn’t like taking showers in public bathrooms and also due to the whole issue with the virus he did not wanted to be exposed with it neither. He made a lot of money over the two weeks but he is staying home since he came back so it all adds about 3 to 4 weeks already since he isn’t working because he did not like the fact that he had to stay away from home for that long not because he planned but because he was basically force to. Yes, i was working for the first two weeks but i did because i had to work so i could save some money for this quarantine that has been in effect for over a month already.

    I have two jobs, right now i’m still working on the safest job from the two, the one that i risked the most for the first two weeks was delivering food to people, this job is very dangerous when we put it together with the virus issue because in the beginning the social contract was still the same based on how we were working, i stopped working because i have history with asthma and i really don’t want to put my family or myself in a position of danger or suffering, its hard and i don’t see how we will be able to afford all the bills that we have because now we cut ours earnings methods. There are headlines everyday that try to drive us crazy, but those are information needed for our convenience too. One of the headlines that really stressed me out the most was the airport closing their doors, this really messed me up a lot because i bought a flight for my mom, she was suppose to come here to live but since everything got close all flights are been cancelled since then, i was supposed to go to my motherland too but i was impossible for me to go either and this is not only affecting me, i am sure this is affecting millions of families that are unable to reunite with some family members that were away during or before the quarantine. Even though it will sound not that useful but i have a play station console in my room that i was not using that much before and even if we do not see it like that is a stress relief in many ways for example i am interacting with audio chats with multiples friends and being close with them metaphorically while we playing videos games at the same times, sometimes i was bored a home because i was not able to go to any place with them or even to their house but they were playing online and i could just have the same amount of fun just like if we were face to face, it’s been a whole lot of fun and humor that i had found in this way to communicate with others i really love it, also i downloaded apps that allows me to watch movies, series or videos too keeping me busy when i am done with work or school assignments. Before i used to be very distant to my family without even knowing it, i used to call my mom at least twice every week, that is bad because she raised me but since she’s in another country and i got very busy schedule with two jobs, internship and school too but now i became very close in terms of calling, and checking up with every family member and i already working on it, calling, texting and making sure they good financially at least those that lack of essential things. I am already working in a health care area which is Human Services and even though i am not working in a direct contact before or during any health condition, but most likely after any trauma or mental issue that is affecting a person or client. But I really like the fact that I have family members that are engaged with the nursing environment or working from home but home and sending medicines or treatments to those in need the most.


    Mark Aberin

    I genuinely wish that there was more to share regarding my daily life, especially during this time in quarantine. If you entered my apartment at any given time, I’m sure you’d either find me at my desk writing notes or laying down watching a video on my phone. I enjoy fishing but I can’t really go about doing that at this time, so in my free time I would just watch fishing videos, if not something recommended on YouTube. Other times, I would watch an online lecture that one of my professors had posted. I try to spend quite a bit of time everyday organizing my notes and assignments, including ones that I have yet to complete and even those that are already overdue. This usually takes me an absurd amount of time because I try to simplify my notes as much as possible, and in order to do that I’d need to completely understand them to the full extent. Usually by the time that I’m finished with one topic, I would be mentally exhausted and would need to take a break.

    Every now and then I get a surge of motivation to learn a new skill or hone a skill that I already have, but I try to prioritize catching up on schoolwork. I spend the rest of my time doing mundane activities, really. Nowadays, I wake up right before most people fall asleep, but for a good reason. I simply find it extremely difficult to focus on any work with all the distractions in my household throughout the day, which is why I’ve adjusted my schedule to staying awake at night when it’s peaceful enough for me to complete most of my work. It doesn’t make learning a topic on my own any easier, but it definitely beats having to cope with my surroundings simultaneously. If there’s anything I learned about myself in this time, it’s that I would really prefer to live alone.


    Klarissa G.

    Ever since the quarantine began i made the decision to stop working. My days usually consisted of going to work and going to school and going home and going to my boyfriends house on the weekends, then doing it all over again, before all of this happened. I have some money saved which pushed me to make the decision of quitting my essential job, as well as feeling that if i were going to work i would definitely slack with my classes that are all online now, because my job would have expected a lot more from me during these times. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to go back and forth from homes. I didn’t want to risk the health of anyone around me or myself. I know it may not be so easy for me to find a new job whenever this is all over, but I took the shot. I was originally planning on looking for a new job in the summer anyways, and that also influenced my choices. But only (indefinite) time will really tell whether my decision was worth it or not.

    My days now mainly consist of homework and spending time with my boyfriends siblings. Sometimes I slack off and do no work at all for almost three days straight. I end up baking, watching movies, going to sleep super late, waking up late and playing card/boardgames with others at home. And then I end up cramming a lot of work into one day, but I guess the pressure motivates me to finish it up, but then I also feel bad that I didn’t spend much time with anyone even though I’m right next to them. I feel like classes are almost over yet I have so many assignments left to do. I can’t wait til it’s over actually. Sometimes I want to do other things, like paint or study another language or write or something, but I tell myself that I better finish my work before I get into doing something else. I also want to practice photography, but I rather do that outside. We all went outside for air the other day, so I took some pictures then. We actually went to the park for a little. I have not been reading or listening to much of the news, because I know it’ll just bum me out, but the way people are all outside having picnics in the park makes it seem as if there isn’t a pandemic going on.


    Adonis Corporan

    I remember the newspaper headline that sparked my anxiety. The newspaper headline read ” Disturbing video shows dead bodies loaded onto trucks outside NYC hospitals. ” This video turned out to be the most disturbing piece of news I ever seen. This piece was posted by the New York Post by Natalie Musumeci and this appeared everywhere. This piece of news roamed all social media platforms and was even shown in live television. The spread of this video made it 5 times harder for me to try and calm down and even get some sleep. I saw this video every time I closed my eyes for 4 days straight, which led me to become even more anxious about this pandemic. In the article it stated how someone recorded the video of hospital personnel loading corpses onto a huge truck with a forklift, because there were so many dead bodies they couldn’t find a place to put them. Knowing that this was happening, it made me think about my perspective of life and after being traumatized by the footage it made me reevaluate it.

    This footage made me think about how we spend our short amount of time here on earth. It made me think about all the times I got angry at my friends and relatives ;and how we as humans tend to spend our time on things that are irrelevant. It made me realize how much I argue, and complain about insignificant situations in my life. It made me think about how much we take life for granted. It was a disturbing video to me not only because of the dead body’s but it really shocked me how this was happening in New York. Right outside my doors, someone was fighting for their life batting Covid-19 but God has given me the opportunity to live and breathe normally. This is what crossed my mind, and changed the perspective I have of life. It made me realize how we take a breath of air for granted and don’t use it to make ourselves or the world a better place. This headline caught my attention because of this reason, I couldn’t believe how so much death was occurring just outside my doors, and how it was up to myself, to utilize every second of my life wisely.


    Junwen Lin

    Since the quarantine began, it has changed a lot of people’s daily life, but for me, it did not change my daily life a lot. This may be weird for you, but for me, I like this situation, avoid any unnecessary social communication. Before the quarantine began, I just quit my job, the most place I stay is in my apartment and school. Everyday wake up in the morning then went to school and taken to class, after the class end, went home. Since the quarantine begins, the only thing changed is I don’t go to school, take classes online.
    One thing I learn from this quarantine is the value of human’s life. Everyday, we can know how many people get this disease, and how many people died from the news, This may just a number to us, but what if someone you know got the disease and died. One day I was read a new, said one old man got the disease and died, from the news I recognized the old man was a customer who went to my previous workplace a lot. I remember the old man, he was a very kind man. This makes me question human’s live. Two months ago, he was very healthy, but now he is gone. Human life is so fragile, you never know what is coming to you, we should take care of people we are care about.


    Nicholas Cabrera

    My daily life is waking up everyday and giving my grandmother her pill at 7 in the morning. After that depends on what day it is, for example on Mondays, and Wednesdays I walk the dog and prepare for my job that I do online. I work as a tutor, but since the students and the teacher have to stay home they do all learning via google meet, so I end up logging on with them and try to assist them or the teacher as best I can, after work I then do my homework assignments for class, and then spend the rest of my days relaxing. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I walk the dog and then attend my math class via Zoom, after that I then attend work. I then have a few hours to myself before I begin my evening class at 6, so I use the time to do assignments, help teachers grade students work through google classroom, or just play some video games. Friday’s I have no scheduled classes , but I still have to work, but thankfully it’s not until 10 in the morning so I go back to sleep for an hour and a half.

    While doing these things daily I have come to realize that it’s great to be at home, but I feel so bored just doing the same things every day, it just become mentally exhausting. Before this epidemic I used to think that being at home was the best, but now it just feels like I’m wasting away, which has caused me to be a little bit lazy. To deal with this my mother suggested to do some exercise with her. At first I hesitated because I did want to move around, and being active until I realized that this might change things up in my daily life. So I agreed to do it with her every night at 9’oclock. My dog joined in by lifting a 5lb weight, which was funny until he refused to give it back.Now I’m not feeling that bored anymore because I using this time to just try something new and make the most of the time we have.



    I had just seen this last night, actually. It’s the following day and it’s still kind of sticking with me. The headline about the E.R. doctor who took her own life. I read an article or two about it and it definitely made me feel some type of way. It made my stomach turn honestly, and it made me feel a lot of different things. It made me wonder how bad this whole process is, for every single person. Those in hospitals being treated for COVID, and those who help treat people. How bad is it? How bad does it have to be to be able to drive someone to their breaking point? It’s really sad, and its scary how real all of this is, and shows how real depression is and the capabilities of the human mind. and the places that it could go. It makes me think of her family and it makes me think of her in her breaking moment. It really just makes me think and feel odd. That weird feeling that lingers once someone passes away, it’s kind of like that.

    I can’t really pinpoint why exactly this headline caught my eye, I think its pretty normal for a headline like that to catch somebody’s eye. But it does make me feel a ton of emotions. I’ve realized a very long time ago that the world we live on is way more than trees, blue skies, and homes. As I get older the list gets longer as to why this world is so much more, and I don’t mean that in a positive way. It’s really upsetting to know that humans are capable of such negative things. Suicide, murder, diseases, disorders, the list can go on forever. Just comes to show how powerful the mind can be, and all the different directions it can go, which is what makes us all different. But a doctor ending her own life? That sentence doesn’t feel right. I can’t imagine the things she has seen but at least she was strong enough to help as much as she can for as long as she did. Reading this headline also made me feel grateful for what I do have in this situation. Everyone has it different, not everyone has it the best but it is uplifting to know that so far none of my family has died from this disease, including myself. I have a roof over my head and food on the table, a bed to rest in. Though this pandemic and quarantine has effected me in a weird way, I could have it a lot worse. I’ve been feeling really low and tired recently. Being inside all day everyday has you thinking about EVERYTHING. Stressing EVERYTHING. I am ready for quarantine to be lifted so that I can finally have a routine and feel like my life is not falling apart because I don’t feel productive at all, and I feel like now is the time to take advantage and try to be more productive.


    Jennifer Tlatelpa

    Today more than ever I feel motivated to help society, as a human services major I am supposed to be there for individuals who need help in improving their overall quality of life. It’s in times like these where I wish I was in the agency where I was doing my internship, helping individuals apply for SNAP which is a supplemental nutrition assistance program since many families are struggling financially and this is a huge distress for guardians. For example, some parents may not be working because business like restaurants, construction may be closed due to this pandemic or maybe the hours they have at work have been cut down and since kids are currently home this means that parents have to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner when most times these children would eat breakfast and lunch at school. Also to top it off they have to pay bills like rent, gas and cable and if they don’t then the the numbers just keep on increasing.

    What I hope to work on right now is figuring out what population I want to work with in the future, I’ve thought about working with the elderly since they are vulnerable many may suffer from dementia, osteoporosis etc. Some individuals may not even have family members to depend on and are left in nursing homes. I want to help them find a way to overcome obstacles with the right resources which is why I have to make sure that I am very well informed about the elder population, gain knowledge in order to understand their point of view.


    Ayleen Carrasco

    I never thought I’d be stuck in my house for so long. I never thought about how lucky we are to go outside and enjoy the air and all the seasons. Being in quarantine has taught me not to take for granted the privilege of going outside or the privilege of social interaction. All four of my shows were canceled and I was so excited to perform in front of so many different people and spread my music more. Now I’ve been stuck spreading it on social media only but it’s not as bad since everyone is not online. I’ve been trying to keep my mind distracted from the thought of being stuck in the house all day. I mean I haven’t gone outside in literally a month and half now. I once said I liked to be home hut this wasn’t what I meant.

    So far during this quarantine my life has changed. There’s a few people I’ve lost contact with since we stopped going outside. I haven’t seen my mother or lml brothers in a while since I live with my grandmother. I haven’t seen any of my friends at all in person, only through FaceTime. Quarantine is slowly changing my relationships with people. I try to be positive at times because it is a blessing to be alive and I could be in apearse situation but am not. That’s why I look on the bright side. But my life has been affected. It’s also affected my school life. It’s differently for me to keep with up homework and assignments. The fact that I’ve been home for so long has made me lazy and unmotivated. Sometimes I feel blah but I try to fix my attitude as I mentioned before. Overall my life has changed in many ways now it’s just up to me to adapt to the normality society will come to face.



    Well what can I say about this questioning pandemic, It definitely has impacted my life,y my family, and friends. A normal day for me prior to this pandemic would’ve been to wake up at around 6 a.m., brush my teeth, take a shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast, and head to the subway to take the train. But now things are different, I am constantly forgetting that classes are still going on sort of thinking of this as like some kind of “break” and hence I mess up my sleeping schedule, ending up sleeping at around 5 a.m. then waking up at sometimes at 3 p.m., and sometimes having to make my mom wake me up, to make sure I get on my online classes. This has definitely been a rough transition on my end, trying my best to remind my self to finish assignments as I end up easily forgetting them. Being at home with my family all the time is very much something I’m not used too, as sometimes before I even leave home to go to college in the mornings my parents have already left for work, and sometimes they end up coming home late. So being home with them is a relief knowing that they’re gonna be safe.We now tend to be more cautious in terms of ordering things online, like spraying lysol on packages, making sure we wear our masks if we go outside, it’s very unusual to adapt to this lifestyle, but if it helps in any way I’ll adapt to it. My grandparents who don’t work either are home, also a relief. As of right now it’s just mainly me and my sister and parents, on the couch, and watching movies & tv shows all day.

    When the news comes on which my dad watches, I avoid it as it tends to stress me out knowing whats going on in the world and I don’t like it. But things that do catch my eyes on the news are interviews with doctors who are risking their life to help others in need, and I know they definitely can feel the pressure. As of right now I just try to advocate this lockdown, telling my distant friends and family to stay at home, wash their hands. And I tend to tweet it out as well to reach members online. This has definitely had a significant impact on us, and it will continue to, but the only thing we can do is hope for a better outcome to the situation.

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    Karla Ramirez

    My daily life has changed when the school closed on March 12. Every day I wake up around 10 to check on my classes. Then I just skim over on the todo list that has to be done for that day. I try to be productive but lately, I’ve been staying up late to watch tv shows or play video games. So I wake up late. After checking on what I have to do for that day I do the assignments that are due that day. This leads me to think about the outcome of this situation, the outcomes I think are bad and some are good and then I think is doing any homework worth doing?. It messes me up which leads me to distract myself. I would go for walks, not too far, with my family. In addition to the pile of homework, I have to do, I have to help my younger brother assignments. Let me tell you, it is not easy. I try at least one hour on helping his homework. It led me to the realization of how my mother treats my younger brother and how the school teaches him. He’s not accustomed to learning at home, so he’s been frustrated lately. Honestly, its been frustrating to work with him because he gets annoyed easily and has no patience whats so ever but we try. But whenever we finish an assignment I have this nice feeling of accomplishment. After helping him with his homework, I try to eat some lunch and then take a break by watching some youtube videos. Then after watching a few videos, I feel guilty about not doing my work so I begin doing it. But then I take mini breaks and talk to my mom, who is busy cooking for the family. That is my routine for the week. I came to the realization that my habits are bad and that I should stop focusing on the future and focus on what’s going on now. It’s hard but I could at least try.



    I work at a grocery store to be more exact i work at Whole Foods. I stock the shelves in the grocery department. i am considered essential because there is a need for people like me to continue to stock the shelves so people who are staying home “quratine” have food to eat and so people won’t worry about when they will get groceries. My hours at work haven’t been cut. We have unlimited call outs at work meaning if you don’t want to come into work its okay they understand during these times there’s no penalty for it at the moment. We have a two dollar raise as well extending through may.
    My job currently hands us mask as soon as we enter the store. There’s currently a check in situation as soon as you enter. Employees must have their temperatures taken before they begin work. i make sure i wear my gloves all throughout my shift and if they do come off i use hand sanitizer. I only take my mask off to eat and to drink. My biggest concern at work is that sometimes the customers tend to get in your face still and i have to move back. The people at my job haven’t changed if anything i believe no one is following the 6 ft guidelines everyone is still pretty much talking next to each other. They wear their mask and if they hear you are sick they make sure to avoid you. I take the bus to work as it is free to save my money why not ? its a 20 minute bus ride no difference from the 20 minute train ride. Currently my dad still drives the train and he is being careful as well.

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