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    Jennifer Sears

    Today’s Discussion contains two parts:
    First: After reading our class resource: Great Films For Learning to Write Dialogue, write a short scene responding to one of the following two challenges on that page: write a scene where one character wants something from another character OR write a scene where two characters are attracted to each other, but refuse to acknowledge it. This can be a couple of short paragraphs or more.
    Second: Read the Fiction Assignment and Workshop Instructions. On this discussion board, ask any questions about the Fiction Assignment or Workshop or state that you have read and understood it. Of course you can always email me! But answering questions here will also help your classmates.

    This Discussion Board closes at 10 am on Friday, March 27.


    Carlos Cabrera

    Carlos Cabrera
    creative writing
    Prof. Sears
    Discussion board

    PART 1

    Character #1- Tell me what you need to tell me now: I’m busy.

    Character #2- I was told you were the one that had things to tell me, and thought you were in break.

    Character #1- Well said, I had.

    Character #2- it’s crazy to believe you can’t face it and tell me what is going on aren’t we best friends?

    Character #1- Be honest, are we actually best friends? Huh? Are we just work bodies Or are we just two boys that do not know what could
    be the outcome of letting everyone know what is going on in our hearts?

    Character #2- Your heart! Talk to you later. I have work to do.

    PART 2
    well understood, the only thing that got me at little confused what the writing requirements about the 2 1/2, 3 1/2 what does that stand for?


    Jennifer Sears

    Hi Carlos,
    These are page counts. 2/12 pages and 3/12 pages. This is why I’m asking that you upload your posts as pdfs, so the page counts are clear.
    Good question!



    Part 1
    Joseph: “Hey Brett, what goes on?”
    Brett: “Man, I need your help on something.”
    Joseph: “Really? Never saw saw as they type to need help from someone. Usually you help me with something.”
    Brett: “Yeah well, this time I really need your help.”
    Joseph: “You sound serious. What do you need?”
    Brett: “There’s this girl I like. We’ve only talked at school and I may have blurted out ‘I love you’ at her face.”
    Joseph: “Oof. Did you blurt it out or scream it at her?”
    Brett: “Blurted. Or at least it was. I ran out and skipped so I don’t know.”
    Joseph: “Skipped? Sheesh, you’ve really turned this around. By the way, here’s tonight’s homework.”
    Brett: “Thanks. So, how do I know she feels the same way?”
    Joseph: “Look, I’ve never had a crush on a girl since last year. But I’ll let you in on this, no matter what, you always tell her how you really feel.”
    Brett: “That was the worst advice you ever gave. I’ll try it. If that doesn’t work, you’re going to die.”
    Joseph: “You have my word. And, this is the best advice I can give you, like the only one.”
    Brett: “True. Thanks, Joseph, really.”
    Joseph: “No problem.”
    Brett: “Now, give me the homework so I can help you out. I may have skipped class, but I know the lesson.”
    Joseph: “Alright.”


    Maryemilia Perez

    Jackie and Roni sat at the curb on a cloudless July afternoon after several minutes of playing tag. Their parents had let them play out on the empty street together, they lived right next to each other so this was a usual day for them.
    “I bet you a pop you won’t go knock on Witch Wildrid’s house and run” Jackie taunted.
    “Get outta here Jackie I’m not going anywhere near that witches house,” Roni said looking down the block at the dark house with a dead lawn.
    “C’mon Roni, you never want to do anything fun!” Jackie said, the thrill spilling out of her wide-open eyes.
    “No Jackie, you always taunt me with these things, I don’t want to be your friend anymore”. Roni crossed his arms and looked away from Jackie, angry.
    “All we do is play tag, hide and seek, or play with old Jerry’s hose across the street. You know we’re turning 8 soon and we’re not babies anymore we should start playing more fun games, but you want to stick to baby games.” Jackie got up from the curb and stomped her way towards Witch Wildrid’s frightening home.
    “Are you not going to follow me, Roni?”
    “No Jackie, I told you we are not friends anymore”. Roni looked down at the street, got up and walked slowly to his house with his face still looking down at the street, avoiding Jackie’s eyes.


    Junwen Lin

    John: “Mom, I discuss something with you”
    “what it is?” Mom replied. “Did you make any trouble in school?”
    John: “Of course not, I just want to get a new computer.”
    Mom: “what is wrong with your computer you are using, I think it still works”
    John: “This computer is so slow, it takes 3 minutes to start it, and keep shut down by itself automatically.”
    Mom: “I see, I will get a new computer for you if you get a good grade on the next test. Deal?”
    “Deal,” John said.


    Tyler Vasquez

    “Charlie, did you get a haircut?” Sandra asks flirtatiously “It suits you, you’re looking really great.”

    Blushing immediately Charlie tilts his head down and studders “Thank you, Sandra. I’m getting my pictures taken for the robotics club.”

    “Wow! That’s really cool,” Sandra says while putting a hand on his shoulder “so you make robots and stuff. ”

    “Exactly, we make robots and compete in–”

    Sandra cuts him off saying “I noticed that we have Calculus together, have you done this weeks assignment? You know, I’ve been so busy with cheerleading practice that I haven’t had the time for it.”

    “I can send it to you if you want.” Charlie says beaming at Sandra.

    “Oh my God Really? You are SUCH a life saver Charlie” ending the conversation Sandra gives Charlie a kiss on the cheek and walks away.


    Adonis Corporan

    Justin: “So now what do we do!”
    Troy: “This is just great! your clumsy self just threw the money in the fireplace and now were both broke!”
    Justin: “Sorry about that man, but seriously how do we get to the science fair now?”
    Troy: “I don’t know Justin! You tell me! You threw away our money to pay for a taxi!”
    Justin: “Listen bud, I think I have an idea, I have this friend from a car show I went to the other day, he told me to reach out to him anytime I need him. I have his phone number maybe he can take us for free.”
    Troy: “Wait a minute, you go to car shows?”
    Justin: “Hell yeah I do! Who doesn’t?”
    Troy: “What ya look at that. See if you can give him a call!”
    Justin: “No need bro, I just texted him and he said he’s already on the way.”
    Troy: “Awesome! ”
    Justin: “Hey by any chance, do you like the beatles?”
    Troy: “Duh, Who doesn’t?”
    Justin: “Are you serious, so how about I give you some front row tickets to there concert this friday to make up for the Money! We can go together if you like?”
    Troy: “I think I know why the professor made us work together for this project, regardless of us never speaking to each other in class.”
    Justin: “Why?”
    Troy: “I think he noticed we have a lot of things in common So of Course I wanna go to that concert with you bro!”
    Justin: “What! you actually want to go! Maybe your not the jerk I thought you was.”
    Troy: “Im not…I guess.”
    Justin: “So what do you say man, Friends.”
    Troy: “Friends, and I better See you at 7 sharp at my house on friday.”
    Justin: “Sure bro.”
    Troy: “I think your friend arrived, that’s him honking that horn.”
    Justin: “Sure is, nice ride right?”
    Troy: “YES IT IS!”


    Ayleen Carrasco

    Stephanie was close friends with this boy in her school named Dominic. They’ve been best friends since freshman year until Stephanie notices he begins to hang around another girl. This doesn’t sit well with Stephanie, so she confronts him about it after school.
    “Dom, can we talk?” She asked.
    “Yeah Steph, what’s up?” He smiled at her and she quickly looked away into the distance.
    “Is everything okay?’ He added.
    She finally spoke up after walking in silence for a minute. “Who’s that girl?” She asked.
    “Who? Sky?” He looked at her in confusion.
    “I don’t know what her name is. All I know is that she has brown wavy hair.” She stopped walking and crossed her arms standing in front of him.
    Dominic laughed a little looking away.
    “You think it’s funny?” She raised an eyebrow.
    “No, I think it’s cute how that you’re jealous.” He started walking again.
    “No Dominic why would I be jealous?” She rolled her eyes.
    “Because you like me.”
    She laughed out loud dramatically, “yeah okay now that’s funny.”
    “What if I liked you too though?” he said softly moving away from her. Nothing else was said between the two. Dominic turned around walking away from Stephanie towards the train station.


    Klarissa G.

    Beyond Expectations

    “Nice to see you, Pete.”
    “Mary!” He says a little too excitedly and gives me a big hug.
    It was the middle of my shift at R-Mart and he had just walked in to start his shift.
    “How you feeling today?” He asks me.
    “I’m fine, same old. I hope you came with energy today, I see the big boss left your department a lot of work tonight.”
    Pete lets out a big sigh, “I wasn’t expecting anything different. Too bad I won’t be able to help you do inventory then.”
    “I got it, I got it,” I blush, “I won’t ALWAYS need your help. Plus, today wasn’t so busy for me. And I’m almost-”
    “Hey, Peter!” We hear the store manager call out, “quit flirting and get to work. Danny called out sick so it’s just going to be you tonight. I ain’t gonna push you, but just try to stock as much shelves as you can. We’ll finish it up tomorrow. Thanks.”
    “I wasn’t…”, he blushes.
    “Looks like now you’re gonna need some help,” I grin at him.
    “I guess I do,” he smiles back at me, then looks away. “But I don’t want to trouble you.”
    “How would you be troubling me? You know I wouldn’t mind.”
    “Yeah but I don’t want anyone feeling a type of way if they see you in my department, so just do your job,” he says in a stern manner, then slowly walks away.
    Confused at his reaction, I let it go. “Alrighty then, whatever you say.”

    My shift gets shorter as time ticks away. I keep on finishing the inventory in the Pet Supplies department. I see Peter walk back and forth across the aisle I’m stationed in multiple times. Every time he sees me he waves energetically and does a weird little dance. I let out little quizzical giggles but I wave back at him like I normally would.

    A few minutes before my shift is about to end, I go to the Home Appliance section. Immediately I spot Peter struggling to get some patio chairs on a palette jack. Right before one is about to fall off, I grab it by the leg.
    “Looks like you have everything under control,” I tell him.
    He glares at me playfully, “Help me take these to the backroom.”

    It’s a slow, quiet walk to the back, mainly to make sure the chairs don’t fall off, but something seems off to me about him. As we walk, I begin wondering why Pete and me only talk at work. I feel my face get hot.
    When we reach the end of the humongous backroom, we begin to unload the patio chairs. He takes two off a high pile and hands them to me so I can put them to the side.
    Chair in hand, I stop and nervously ask him, “Pete, would you ever want to hang out with me?”
    He immediately looks up at me with a big grin on his face, “I would love to,” and then his grin turns into an apologetic smile, “but I have a girlfriend.”

    I understand the fiction assignment.


    Nicholas Cabrera

    Nina is a young girl who always valued a pendant that her grandmother gave her. She had always wore that pendant and never let it out of her sight. One morning Nina woke up and suddenly notice that her pendant was missing. She was in a state of panic. “I lost grandma’s pendant, what do I do now !?” she exclaimed.

    Nina’s mother rushed in the room. “Nina what’s wrong are you okay ?” her mother said.

    “Mom I lost Grandma’s pendant what do I do ?” Nina said with her face dripping in tears.

    “It’s okay we’ll find it, where was the last place you had it?” her mother asked.

    “Well =, the last place I had it was around my neck and–“, Nina’s sister Jenny walked in the room.

    “What’s with all the yelling , I’m trying to get ready for my date,” Jenny said.

    Nina looked at her sister’s neck and to her surprise she found the pendant.

    Nina yelled at Jenny, “Why do you have my pendant, No better question is how did you take it ?!”

    “Well I needed an accessory to go with my outfit and grandma’s pedant was the perfect fit,” Jenny exclaimed.

    Nina started getting more and more upset.

    “I don’t care about your outfit, I’m more concerned by the fact that you took something so important from me while I was sleeping” Nina said.

    “Well, sorry I thought you wouldn’t mind,” said Jenny.

    “Well I do mind, now give it back!” shouted Nina.

    There Mother got in the middle of the argument.

    “Now girls your both sisters please stop this argument at once,” their mother said.

    “Jenny you know how precious that pedant is to Nina you shouldn’t have taken it,” she said facing Jenny.

    “And Nina you have every right to be upset, but this is your sister the only one you’ll ever have and I know grandma wouldn’t want you to argue with one another” she said facing Nina.

    They both nodded their head with a look of remorse on their face. Nina told Jenny she can borrow the pedant just as long as she gives it back. Jenn agreed and hugged her sister.

    “Your the best, and I’m sorry for taking your pendant” Jenny said.

    “It’s okay, just please ask me next time instead of giving me a heart attack,” Nina said.

    The two sisters smiled at each other and went down to enjoy a nice family breakfast.

    Part 2:
    I wrote a short story for the writing competition. If I add on to it a bit more can submit that for the assignment?
    Also, for confirmation we only have to do either a short story or a series of flash fictions and not one of each correct?

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    Austin was walking from one class to another where he suddenly bumped into Amra. “Oh my god so sorry, I didn’t mean to…oh!” Amra instantly smiled once she looked up to see who it was. Austin gave Amra a slight smirk. “Hey! What’s so interesting on your phone there” Amra just giggled a bit. Austin proceeded to ask “What has you so distracted?”
    “Well, honestly. It is so stupid but I download this new app and I am like addicted.”
    “Really? Well than let me know what it is, i’m curious”
    Amra started to giggle a little more “So embarrassing, it’s this new app called Tik Tok, apparently you can get pretty known on here”
    “Yeah, it’s an app where you can just do a bunch of little dances and you can get famous on it”
    “Ahh, you can totally do that then”
    Amra began to get a little shy after, “Well, I don’t know I just feel like i am so bad at dancing”
    “No you’re not, you can’t be. You’re amazing at anything you do.”
    “Aw, thanks.”
    “Hey, we should maybe hang out after class and maybe we can make a tik tok together, I know it’s super lame but it may be fun”
    “Really? Are you sure you don’t have anything else to do” Amra said shocked.
    “No, I really want to spend more time with you, I feel like we haven’t recently”
    Amra hesitantly answered “wow, um. Ok!”


    PART 1


    Beauty and Richardo met as lovelorn. Beauty, a carefree lady, accidentally caught her fiance cheating. As beauty ran out in shock with uncontrollable tears, she bumped into Richardo, a loner, who wasn’t in his normal jovial mood since his girlfriend broke up with him. Gradually, Richard and Beauty coincidentally often run into each other and slowly became friends. Five years passes since they both become best friends.

    “I’ve looked everywhere searching for you, said Richardo, not knowing you were here.”

    “Hi bestie,” Beauty responded.

    “How are you enjoying your employee’s trip?” Richardo asked. “And if I may ask, why aren’t you joining your colleagues at the pool?”

    “For the first question, it is actually nice choosing to come to your dad’s hotel for the trip, said Beauty, and I was waiting to see you.”

    “I haven’t seen you all day, Beauty continued, I guess you were busy?”

    “C’mon, is that a question – you know how busy it is to be a hotel manager on weekends,” Richardo said.

    “Yes sire!” Beauty teased.

    “Funny. So would you now go have fun since you saw me already, my dear mademoiselle?” Richardo said jokingly.

    “Absolutely. Wait!” Beauty exclaimed.

    “Is everything okay?” Richardo said, looking puzzled.

    “I can’t find my ring,” she said.

    “What ring?” said Richardo.

    “The single ring we bought together, remember?” Beauty cooed. “Don’t tell me I lost it.”

    “Okay, calm down, let’s find it together,” he said.

    “Rich, it has been almost two hours and we still couldn’t find it,” cried Beauty. “That was the very first gift you gave to me.”

    “I know, but it’s fine. After all, Richardo whispered, you don’t need it anymore.”

    “What do you mean?” Beauty asked. “Did you just throw your own ring inside the sea?”

    “I also do not need it anymore. We both do not need the singles’ ring anymore,” he said.

    “But we promised to always put it on until we find our other halves?” said Beauty. “The memory behind it is so dear to me.”

    “Well, I think I have found my other half and she is very close to my heart,” said Rich.

    “Oh my God! Don’t tell me it is what am thinking,” Beauty said.

    “What do you mean?” he said.

    “Uhm, never mind,” she said.

    PART 2
    No questions so far. Read and understood. Thanks.


    Jennifer Tlatelpa

    ” How are you doing Nicole? ” asks Destiny
    ” I’m doing great just got a new position as a manager in the clothing store I work in ” Nicole replies
    ” That’s really good to hear, do you know if they’re hiring? ” asks destiny
    ” I can ask and let you know if I hear anything. ” Nicole replies
    ” Thanks I’d appreciate it. ” Destiny replies
    Destiny walks away feeling ashamed, she regrets putting Nicole’s feelings down in the past when she was having a hard time finding a job and now look at her she is a manager in a clothing store how incredible.
    Nicole shouts out ” be well, hope to see you soon! “



    Azizul was trying to contact Eric for the past two weeks and Eric knew what Azizul wanted. Eric tried his best to hide himself from Azizul until one afternoon Eric feels someone touching his shoulder and calling him in the supermarket. Eric recognised the voice in a second and he knew things were about to get bad.

    Azizul: “Please! I’m begging you. I’ll give you $100 for 2 pairs of masks.”
    Eric:”Bro I’m telling you if I could I’d really get you a pair. I can”t even find masks on the black market.”
    Azizul: ” I’ve never said no to you on anything and after all these years for the very first time Im asking for a mask and you’re saying no?”
    Eric: ” Bro ask diamonds from me. I’ll bring you diamonds if needed.”
    Azizul:” I’m not asking for diamonds. All I’m asking for is something which could save my life.”
    Eric:” Why doesn’t your hospital provide you with masks?”
    Azizul: ” The freaking doctors are in war with no ammo and you think they would care about giving me a mask? The doctors are running short on masks.”
    Eric:” Bro I promise I’m going to try my best to get you a pair.”
    Azizul” If you actually want to help me, help me when I need help the most.”
    Eric: (nodding and getting upset)” Alright.”

    Part2: I have read and understood. No questions so far

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