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    Jennifer Sears

    For today’s discussion you will post one “character sketch,” using tips from the Class Lecture/Presentation posted on today’s OpenLab site. This lecture contains links to to character building questions or tips for writing in paragraphs about your character.The character sketch you post here can be a list, using 20 questions from the sources on the presentation you can answer in paragraph form, composing about two strong paragraphs using the tips in the presentation from the OpenLab.

    I should be able to tell from the description which picture or person you used to make this sketch. The pictures are in the presentation on slide/page 7. This discussion board will close at 10 am tomorrow morning (Friday, March 25). Have fun with it!



    Rob the Zombie is your average-looking, blood-thirsty zombie, who has not eaten a brain since he first turned into one. He is awfully big for his size and has the speed of a tortoise, that is if the tortoise hadn’t won against the rabbit. Before Rob turned into one of the undead, he was actually going to graduate from Middle School and go to one of his friend’s parties. He was getting ready and headed out, until he came across what looked like a group of people walking sluggish, like they hadn’t been excercising for 2 years. Must’ve been that.

    Rob walked over to the group and got closer, ever so close he hadn’t been that close since he saw his girlfriend. One of the people in the group turned ever so slightly at Rob’s direction, waiting for the perfect time to approach him. Rob backed away slowly using the tortoise’s pace, looking at any direction free of space from cars or people blocking the way. As the person walked slowly to Rob, he ran to a path he chose for freedom but the person chased behind him, moving faster than Rob and eventually grabs him from the back, and infects Rob with his ferocious bite. Rob has now turned into a mindless monster, not thinking a bit about what his friends had eventually been for the past 6 years. Oh how the times have changed for zombies.


    Nicholas Cabrera

    Victor is a 17 year old high school student who is very smart in most of his subjects. However, despite his excellent grades he is always alone. throughout his high school experience he has never once approached anyone to try and be friends with them; even when others approach him he would continue walking or when they tries talking to him he would never look them in the eye. This leaves people to think he’s rude or even stuck up, but in actuality he’s extremely shy. That’s right, Victor actually has a fear of people that he was hoping to get rid of before he graduates but he hasn’t been making any progress for the first three years of his high school life. Victor has always been frightened of people ever since he was little, not even his parents can explain. They have always told teachers that he wasn’t always like this, but that one day he just came home like this and never said why. So it’s a mystery to everyone. But whatever happened to him he kept secret from every one.

    But the unexpected happen, while in his English class students were pairing up for an assignment and a girl by the name of Crystal asked him to join their group. Victor froze up as usual and tried to avoid eye contact, but Crystal took the initiative and got into his field of vision once again and asked him again. With a surprised look on his face he couldn’t help but answer her back with a head nod (yes). Well who would have thought that Victor might be making the first step to crushing that big fear he has.

    What do you all think can he do it ? I think he can.


    Maryemilia Perez

    Julia is a 17-year-old high school attending Brooklyn Technical High School. She was born in Manhattan, New York. The only girl besides her two younger brothers. Brooklyn Technical High school is super competitive, but so is she. She is a smart girl, but her school is filled with many. Julia wants to be top of her class for the 2018 year, it’s a challenge, but she is up for it. All she has ever known to identify herself with is her intelligence. If she doesn’t achieve an academic goal she completely falls apart. Somehow, someway, she always manages to pop right back up and hit the books once again.
    Her mom and dad, both immigrants from Chile, have always encouraged her to the very best she can in school. As a small girl, when Julia was 7 years old, her parents assigned her to an at-home tutor in order to challenge her academic abilities and further her intelligence. They believed if she did exceptionally well in school she would be able to do whatever she wanted to do when it came time for Julia to choose her career. Julia always loved learning and the feeling of getting a high grade on an assignment, but not for herself. She saw the work and urgency her parents had put into her education and felt it was her job to do it herself and keep her studies up and not let her parents down. Julia has always been motivated by her immigrant parents’ stories of their struggles and reasoning for coming to the U.S, so she saw her studies as a way to show her gratitude for everything her parents did for her.
    Julia did not do so well on her U.S history midterm. She was devastated. She had to be top of her class, she had to pass this midterm, with a flying score. She decided to ask her teacher to make up for the test by doing an extra-credit assignment. “Design a poster you would bring to a Women’s March and explain the reasoning behind your poster, be sure to do your research so you can present the poster to your class,” her teacher said. Julia was thrilled and grateful for the opportunity. She got home and got to work. She pulled out markers, pens, rulers, scissors, all she could find to make her poster the best poster her teacher had ever seen. As she was adding the finishing touches she started to get nervous. What was she going to say when she got up there in front of her classmates? Will my teacher take my speaking into account when grading me? She thought her communication apprehension would be the thing that will stop her from being at the top of her class. Yet, she was optimistic, she had worked really hard on her poster and creating her index cards to speak to her class, all she had left was to give her presentation. She walked to school with a smile on her face and her poster rolled under her arm. She knew she would try her best, and with that, her parents would also be proud of her.


    Klarissa G.

    Celeste is a widow in her mid-30’s. As a kid she lived with her mom and her three older siblings in Guadeloupe. She gets along with all her family members as an adult, except for one of her sisters who has some life ideals that just clash with hers. Her father was never in her life because he was busy chasing other women, and she resents him for that. She always enjoyed reading and painting. She was never the active type. At a young age her family moved to America and settled down in Florida. There she finished her studies and pursued her MFA in art history. Her career was going great as an art curator for different museums in Florida. She got married in her early 30’s and had two children with the love of her life. But she was left devastated when he passed away 2 years after the birth of their second child. It was something she didn’t expect, so she was never prepared for it. And she’s the kind of woman who prepares for everything. She isn’t tied to any religion, but does believe there is a God or supernatural being that powers the world’s energy. She finds herself looking deeper into that energy for help. She was always confident and always puts on a tough face for her job and her children, but every now and then when she is alone, she has little nervous breakdowns. She starts suffering from insomnia and little bouts of depression. Her coworkers and her family feel bad for her and try to help her in small ways, but her stubbornness doesn’t let them. Her kids see her as a superwoman, and that gives her strength. She is upset that her kids need to grow up without a father, even though she did the same, just under different circumstances. She is a little traumatized about men in her life leaving her. She’s in the process of figuring out how to get a hold of herself and her emotions in order to support her children.



    Vanessa is a 17 year old girl who is originally from Brooklyn, New York. She comes from a middle class family who are pretty liberal parents. She is very shy when it comes to interacting with people she isn’t use to, probably because her social skills are not the best considering the fact that she had been homeschooled for her whole high school experience. She feels at times that her parents can be over-bearing because they are artists who are very free spirited and believes more in creativity and art instead of an ivy league/private education. But Vanessa, would want to have the experience of going to a huge social school with greek life and a bunch of sports teams because it is very different than what she has been use to her whole life, she wants a change in her life and thats what she would desire. She definitely struggles with friendships because of how she grew up, and one of her biggest insecurities is not having a sense of style which is being portrayed in the picture by being laid back, more of a thrifted style and she’s not considered preppy at all unlike the students that will be attending her dream college. She always feels like she is under dressed and she feels as if that affects her social life. In a way she craves attention and wants to fit in badly with a group a girls that she will feel welcomed too. She needs to gain confidence and feels as if she’s stuck without having real friendships that she desires. I think one of her traumas is definitely growing up without any real friendships. This conflict is something a lot of people struggle with because it can sometimes be hard to grow up without any good social skills and then when you’re put in a situation where theres nothing but socialization she wants to be able to participate and know that she will be okay. Do you think she find her friend group? Do you think it’s possible for a girl who has never been good at socializing finally break out of her shell and make a name for herself?


    Jennifer Sears

    These posts read like flash fiction stories on their own! The development of character and motivation adds depth to surface description. Rob, Victor, Julia, and Celeste all feel “real,” even the Zombie! I can also tell which picture you are responding to. Great work Fahim, Nicholas, Maryemilia, and Klarissa! I look forwarding to reading more as they come in!


    Adonis Corporan

    Derek has the “I must be better mentality”. He is ambitious, 23 years old, and wants to be the best comedian in the city of Chicago; and is determined to be this by 27. He feels privileged to have the parents he has and wants to honor them by taking good care of his little brother and sister. He wants to become a role model and set the example for them. He wants to prove to them that the streets are not an option, and that you can be whoever you want to be by just following your passion and earning there success, like his parents. Comedy, is Derek’s passion. He’s just that guy you want to be around because you know he just wants to improve in everything he does while also improving those that surround him. Derek’s , vision is both physically and figurative. He knows how to make someone smile with a good look in the eyes and he knows the vision he has for his future. He gets up on stage , at Benny’s and show’s off his confidence and great posture, everyday from Monday to Friday making sure he does the best stand up possible. He tries his best every night despite the fact he gets nervous because there’s not that many comedians that are African American and have earned the fame he has obtained. He knows that with all the fame he needs to stay focused, this is the exact reason why he decides not to have a girlfriend at the moment. All Derek’s focus, is concentrated on the most successful and biggest comedians in the world and his academics. He does all this while making sure his little sister and brother follows his steps, and usually thinks about this every time he works out at the gym. How can he improve? How can he be smarter and funnier? These are all questions that flow through his mind. Derek doesn’t want to disappoint his parents and his siblings and definitely himself. He usually sits down at his college campus and thinks about his next move in life, a move that will not only make him the best comedian of the city, but the greatest of all time.


    Tyler Vasquez

    Emely is a 20 year old twin from Queens, New York. She’s a Graphic Design student going to City College. She stands at 5’4 with brown hair that she curls every morning. She lives with her parents and her three siblings: Jorge (27), Felipe (24), and Elena (20). Emely’s parents Emilio and Veronica moved to New York from Los Angeles after having Jorge. Growing up Emely often fell in the background and lived in Elena’s shadow. She’s insecure and quiet. She lacks confidence and is a push-over. Having two older brothers they’d joke around and bully her and Elena in a loving way but Emely always took it personally until she became a teenager. Ever since she was a little girl Emely loved drawing. Art was her passion. She drew all the time filling tons of sketchbooks. When she got to eighth grade she knew that she wanted to become a Graphic Designer for a big company like Disney. She always kept her art private only sharing with her family. They constantly encouraged her to share her work with the world, but she was too scared to fail. She taught herself how to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. She’d lock herself up in her room for hours working on a project. When she felt like getting inspiration Emely would go to Central Park taking photos or sitting there and drawing what she saw. From the moment Emely got her working papers she got a job to buy any of the supplies and tools she may need to make her art. Her parents would help at times, but they wanted their children to understand the value of money so they made them get jobs if they wanted to get anything. Now at 20, Emely is working at Michael’s with her best friend Erica who she considers as family. They’ve been best friends since fifth grade. Emely struggles with gaining the confidence to put her work online, apply for internships and jobs where she has to prove her talent. She has a strong fear of rejection.


    Junwen Lin

    John is a 20 years old college student, he was born in New York. His family lives in Brooklyn. John has an older brother. John does not remember his father a lot, because his parents were divorced when John was very young. His father was an alcoholic when his father drinks a lot, his father become very violent. John and his brother live together with their mom. John’s brother is very care about John. John’s brother got a job after he graduated from high school because he wants to support his family and brother as soon as he can. John is very respect his brother, know his brother sacrificed a lot for him so that he can go to college. John is work very hard in college, and get very good grade in school. John hopes after graduating from college, he will get a good job to make his brother proud. But one day, Police tell him, his brother get shot. His brother appears in the wrong place and wrong time. John is very sad, he sits on the ground think about his brother and the time when his brother took him to here.



    Anisa is nineteen years old born in Brooklyn but raised in Cape Town South Africa. Anisa moved to Cape town when she was five years old and has dual Citizenship for U.S.A . and South Africa. She has eight siblings in all. She has six brothers and two sisters her being the youngest sibling and the oldest being twenty eight. Her mom is South Africa’s Top general pediatric Surgeon and her dad is a electrical engineer. As a child she always excel at school because her parents expected nothing less than A’s. She was a straight A student earning herself on every honor roll and the number one in her class every year. When Anisa turned seventeen she finished her high school career leaving her to wonder what college she wanted to attend and where. At seventeen years old her parents gave her two options to finish going to school in Cape Town or return to her home town Brooklyn. Anisa loved the idea of going to art school in Brooklyn but her parents opposed it. Anisa parents stated there was no money in art. Eventually Anisa persuaded her parents to let her go to school in NYC to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist. Everyday Anisa likes to take a walk in the park and draw what she sees. She likes to sketch on art paper her observations of people in the park. Its one thing Anisa enjoys about NYC the freedom she has to draw others in public something she wasn’t allowed to do back home. Her parents although decided to let her go are very reluctant in her pursuing this full time. They call her everyday and send her emails of other careers that she might enjoy making six figures.


    Ayleen Carrasco

    Aiden is a seventeen year old living in Calabasas California but was born in Brooklyn New York. It was a big change for him when he moved from Brooklyn to California. He was’t used to it at first, he missed his friends from his hometown but he stayed in contact with them. It’s been three years since he moved from Brooklyn. Aiden has short brown curly hair like his mother with big brown eyes. One of his parents is a successful rapper and is pretty wealthy while the other is a chemist in a laboratory. Yes, he has two moms and he’s been questioned about it but it’s very normal to him. He was raised with love and care and loved both his parents for who they were. He has a sibling named Neveah, who is only ten years old. He tries to spend a lot of time with his family because he’s thinking about going away for college next year. He’s been stuck on what he wants to be when he gets older. He still doesn’t know what he wants to study yet. Both his parents were professionals and loved their occupation but he was struggling. His parents were very supportive and always encouraged him to do what he loves. He just didn’t know what he loved just yet. His other mother, who is a successful rapper wanted him to come along with her for a video shoot. Aiden felt he didn’t have a talent in music, he just enjoyed listening to it. But he supported his mother in everything she did. At the shoot is when he found out his passion for something and figured out what he wanted to do. He wanted to be film director. He wanted shoot music videos like the one his mother did. He was entertained by the professionals and everything set. He wanted to be behind the scenes creating cool visuals for great songs. Aiden can be complicated and indecisive at times but the minute knows what he wants, he gets up and gets it. People around Aiden see him a very intelligent kid with so much potential. He tends to doubt himself at times, but his parents are always there to uplift him. Aiden gets his sense of humor from both his parents, as he loves to see everyone else around him happy. He brings positivity to the table even on his worst days.



    Leroy is a 19-year-old, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Leroy recently just entered college, struggling to find out his career path in what he wants to be as he progresses. It takes him time to learning new things but is more than capable of making sure he understands it. Leroy’s life growing up, it was him and his little brother Isaiah who is 12. At an early age, his mother Navaeh died from cancer, resulting in him having to take care of his younger brother making sure he was well cared for, as his father Tompson would drink, leave the house at random times which would result in them being alone in the house most days, and overall not being there to support them when in need. And never having a proper connection with his father. Forcing Leroy to step up and be the role model for his little brother. Having to work a job after classes, to provide for both of them.
    At a young age, Leroy always kept in mind what his mother has told him, “Be true to who you want to be don’t let anyone come in the way of you being you.” These words were a contributing factor in his life, wanting to try his hardest. While in college Leroy has made plenty of close friends in which he was able to share connections, those in which can support him and his future ideals. And also care about his situation. Although Leroy may not be the most confident in life with everything that happened to him and his uncertainty of what his future awaits, he will surely be able to succeed in his future endeavors.


    Jennifer Tlatelpa

    Josh has been struggling to find a job in New Jersey ever since they shut down his job at the pharmacy, he has been without a job for 3 months he has decided to move to Brooklyn and bring along his wife and two children maybe he has a better opportunity in finding a job. He has seen many costumed characters in Times Square and has noticed that tourist are attracted by them he thought why not try it out, even as a kid he enjoyed making conversation with them and taking pictures as a memory of being in Times Square. Josh hopes he can make a living from it to support his wife and children until he finds something else. Josh went to a costume shop and right away he saw this mint blue costume that caught his attention it was different nothing compared to Superman or Mickey Mouse costumes, it was sort of a monster or creature he was excited about the idea, when he tried it on he didn’t think about it twice he purchased the costume and headed down to wall street on his first day, his wife took a picture of him with the costume on as a memory that will forever hold place in their hearts during the difficult times but he sure will make good use of the costume and with the support of his family.


    Mark Aberin

    Caitlyn walks about two miles four days a week to get to school. As an undergraduate student from City College of New York, the walk proves to be the least daunting task of her day. Initially, Caitlyn wanted to pursue an education in culinary arts. However, her parents quickly disagreed with the idea, which is why she decided to major in architecture. The relationship between Caitlyn and her parents isn’t as strong as she would like, but there’s isn’t much more she can do that she hasn’t already tried. Being an only child, it wasn’t easy for her to maintain a great relationship with them, but she doesn’t blame them. As a teenager, she was very rebellious. Even though she hung out with the right crowd and always had good intentions, she spent a lot of her time during her days in high school messing around and not really worrying about her grades as long as she wasn’t failing any of her classes. To her, it was a way of creating memories before life became too serious. She didn’t hang out with many people, but she had a tight circle of friends that she knew she could always confide in. She is very creative and likes to browse thrift stores for materials to craft her own clothes and accessories. She especially enjoys going to concerts. For someone that’s 5’2”and weighs only 105 lbs, she somehow managed to receive the title “big sister” within the group. It must’ve been due to her assertive personality and tendency to take responsibility in most situations. After graduating from high school, her lifestyle completely changed, but her sense of fashion remained the same. Nowadays she mainly focuses on her education and works a part-time job at Barnes & Nobles to pay for off her tuition.

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