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    Carlos Cabrera

    Carlos Cabrera
    Creative Writing/ENG-1141
    Jennifer Sears
    Hand out 2 Prompts #6 “Why I write” The Implacable I.

    Writing about yourself tends to be easier than any other type of subject when it comes to writing. But sometimes we focus so much on other people or things that when we start thinking about our history or ourselves we take longer than what is expected. Why does this happen so often nowadays? Well the percentage of people that use social media or technology in general is very high. On the website “THE MANIFEST” says that more than 85% of the people today uses their social media to see what is happening in other people life and there is where the problem is happening.

    Back in high school I was told a lot of times to not use the word “I” when I was writing an essay, because it is considered a weak word that can get into your writing and make it look not interesting and could destroy the power of the work. Not using the word “I” is not that hard to not use it but we tend to give a lot of personal examples when it comes to comparing things that you are trying to explain in a writing. For me it is easier to say “For example when i was…” to make a point believable but also is not hard to refer to your example about any other person or things.

    I feel that it is almost impossible to not use the word “I” when you are writing about yourself due to the high percentage of content about your history, experience or ideas that you would like to share with others. My experiences writing about myself are good because it allows me to be more open and when i try to share my opinion it doesn’t stop me to be myself.

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